Angular JS Development

AngularJS is an incredibly popular, full featured Java script backed by Google. It is known to enhance a standard HTML and speed up an application’s responsiveness. A cohesive angular JS offers much more flexibility than basic HTML, letting you create single-page applications and simplify development and testing stages so that you can get your website out faster. In addition to this, AngularJS is extremely extensible and works with a variety of libraries. We all know that Angular JS is a java script framework and frameworks have more power in writing a great application. It also encourages developers to make the code structural, modular and secure. Thus Angular JS development is a promising framework for developers.

A better understanding of the benefits of this powerful framework.
AngularJS overcomes the shortcoming of HTML for declaring static documents and extends HTML attributes with Directives which results into an exceptional environment, one which is dynamic, quick and expressive. In the mobile age, it helps to build seamless interaction over all devices resulting into an immersible user experience.

  • 1.Getting started with Angular JS is incredibly easy.
  • 2.Enjoy the benefits of 2 way data binding.
  • 3. Enjoy extended features such as routing, animations, built-in dependency injection and much more.
  • 4.Get access to various kinds of filters like Filter, Currency, json, limitTo, Lowercase, Number, OrderBy, Uppercase, Date etc.
  • 5. Automatic DOM Manipulation.

Why inheritx is the best for Angular JS Development.
Inheritx is a leading brand when it comes to Angular JS Development in India. With an estimated delivery of over 150+ mobile applications and 200+ web applications and websites until now, Inheritx offers impeccable services with utmost transparency and accuracy.

We make it incredibly easy and extraordinarily impressive for you. We work to beautify the effect of HTML with Angular JS’s powerful framework. Inheritx comes with a whole bunch of adjectives- reliable, scalable, transparent, reasonable, flexible and client centric.

Inheritx offers you the best Angular Js Development services developed using the latest technology and cutting edge tools. It has got a sophisticated approach catering to complex business needs. Our expert team of Angular JS developers ensures dependable delivery solutions keeping in mind the client’s requirement and budget.

Leave all your work related to Angular JS development, support and maintenance upon us. Our main focus is customer satisfaction with cost effectiveness. Experience transparent procedure, a secure infrastructure, and cutting edge technology with timely delivery of work. Mingle latest technology and profitability making use of our rich resources and expert staff of developers.

What sets Inheritx different from other Angular JS development companies.

InheritX Solutions, helps business owners and digital companies to achieve their development goals by leveraging its core development expertise and project management methodologies.

  • 1. Our developers have a deep knowledge of Angular JS Concepts, Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components.
  • 2. Expertise in design, development and implementation of web applications in Angular JS with Object Oriented Technologies, PHP with MySQL.
  • 3. Integrated Angular ACL to create Roles and Permissions Based systems.
  • 4. Integration of Third Party library provided by Angular JS like Angular Datatable, Angular Data-maps, ngDialog, Angular Charts and More.
  • 5. Well-structured MVC framework to handle application logic and make calls to business objects and services. Integrated various themes in the application.

Here are few technicalities we’ve worked on using AngularJS in some of our websites;

  • 1. Search feature, Feeds Engine.
  • 2.Chat system (Db + Ajax based)
  • 3.Alert Notifications (Ajax based)
  • 4. Image cropping

We Offer the following services in Angular.Js

  • AngularJS Web App Development.
  • AngularJS Cross Platform Development.
  • AngularJS Framework Plugin Development.
  • AngularJS App Design & Development.
  • AngularJS Support, Maintenance & Optimization.
  • AngularJS Q&A and Testing.

we are a client oriented Angular js development company and so our process involves interacting with clients and understanding their needs.
Based on a proper understanding of the client’s idea and business, we then conceptualize and plan a relevant AngularJS development to best suit your needs. Equal weightage is given to wireframing and architecture. We ensure timely delivery of work and our process doesn’t end here. Customer reviews and support is our utmost priority and we thrive to deliver you the best. The only thing we cannot do is, adorning your site with flowers and glitters. Too much fancy, you see!

Contact us to get the best of AngularJs and fall in love with its efficiency and excellent framework.

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