Ever wished for an app that automatically shows you all the deals and offers of a shop, on your mobile screen, the moment you step in? If yes, then iBeacon is the innovation to fulfill your yearnings.
iBeacon is Apple’s version of the Bluetooth-based beacon concept, which allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances. Its prime purpose is to Automate and control things manually or automatically based on location, proximity, temperature, weather and more. In simple words, beacons are used by apps to trigger events and call actions, allowing users to interact with digital or physical things, such as door locks, discounts, automation systems or simple notifications.

The benefits of iBeacon application

iBeacon is very useful for retailers and businesses, getting them more connected to the customer and clients. Getting feedback from the customer in a non-intrusive way is easy now, thanks to iBeacon.
Get detailed info about products on display- so you want to buy a new TV set, but the process of going through manuals and pamphlets describing features of each set becomes tedious. This is when iBeacon comes to the rescue.

While visiting huge malls, get information about your favorite store’s location from your phone. One of the main advantages of iBeacon is that it offers indoor mapping and guides to help people search a way out easily and hassle free.

iBeacon application is slowly and gradually making its presence felt, not only in retail industry but also in the tourism, hospitality, education and entertainment industry. iBeacon gives you a sea of opportunities to expand your retail, healthcare, travel or IT business. It is fast emerging as a new trend. Get on with the trend of iBeacon for unparalleled user experience and leverage your business.

Why inheritx is the best for iBeacon App Development.

At InheritX, we have boosted the business of several companies through iBeacon app development. Using proven methodologies, we meet our client needs with 100% satisfaction.

Our objective is to increase customer experience and business value by providing end-to-end iBeacon application development services. Get the competitive edge over your peers with user-friendly iBeacon apps that work seamlessly across different Apple devices. We have a diverse client-base across the world which has helped us adopt the best practices in the development of iBeacon apps.

Get highly customized, efficient and accurate iBeacon applications and leverage your business through inheritx. We love the way how iBeacon applications developed by us, have revolutionized the way particular business functions.

Our offerings
we deliver customized applications that suit your needs.
Prototype Design and Structuring of Your Beacon App Idea

  • iBeacon App Design
  • iBeacon App Development
  • iBeacon Integration in Your New/Existing iOS App
  • iBeacon Backend Development and Solutions
  • Developing UI/UX of Your Business Beacon App
  • iBeacon App Maintenance and More

Top reasons to hire us

1. We have developers and designers who are proficient in iBeacon development and design and have previously delivered iBeacon applications that run smoothly. We haven’t got any single complaint and nothing but only compliments.

2. iBeacon might sound trendy and exotic, which no doubt is, but are prices are simple and basic. We develop cost-effective iBeacon applications.

3. We provide you secure and innovative iBeacon applications with excellent and user-friendly features and beautiful graphics.

4. When it comes to working, Time is never a constraint. We work round the clock to ensure you get timely delivery.

5. Our clients are our first priority. Get 24*7 assistance. You will always find us online, even if we are having dinner!
Call us or drop a mail to get the finest iBeacon application for your business.

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