Ever wished for an application that is cross-platform? In simple words, an application that runs on all the platforms be it iOS, Android or Windows. Then ionic development is the answer. It is an HTML5 Mobile application development framework. This powerful framework aims at developing hybrid mobile apps with the help of various technologies like AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, SASS and CSS3.

Applications developed by the ionic framework is slowly gaining traction and it is estimated to gain tremendous popularity among people and might be the most common run framework on mobile devices. It is platform independent and that is what makes ionic development the most sought after the framework for mobile app development. Some of the most amazing apps built on ionic include Baskin and Robbins app, the McDonald’s app, Untappd, National Museum of African American History and Culture, Market Watch and Pacifica application.

Hiring an ionic development company is all you need to stay up to date with the growing trends.

Take a look at some of the many benefits of getting ionic development services.

1. ionic is a front-end SDK built on top of the powerful AngularJS framework that makes the structure more manageable.
2. ionic applications provide seamless performance across multiple platforms. An ionic development company can easily improve user experience by delivering amazing hybrid applications.
3. The structure of the applications developed using ionic is uncomplicated.
4. ionic framework has a beautiful collection of ready-made UI design elements. They are the finest you can get from any framework and are stylish, simple and more functional.

While there are many companies providing ionic development services, how do you ensure you choose the best?

Why inheritx?

At Inheritx, quality is everything we do. We are a leading mobile application development company with 6+ years of experience in the IT industry. Our team of highly efficient and experienced team of developers are well versed with AngularJS, CSS, HTML, Yii and Javascript frameworks. We have successfully delivered many sought after ionic apps with our expert team of ionic app developers.
Inheritx believes in delivering cost-effective and transparent solutions that seamlessly run across mobile platforms. We not only make app development easier, faster and accessible, we make it all the more fun.

Services we offer in ionic development

1. Rapid app prototyping
2. Remote Mobile app testing
3. Live hotcode app updates.
4. Runtime error and crash reporting
5. App push notifications

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