5 reasons to choose WordPress for developing your enterprise site

Sandip Modi, in WordPress Website Development

Wordpress to develop your enterprise

Choosing a platform for developing a site for your website is a daunting task, especially with a huge number of versatile and scalable platforms out there, it becomes difficult to choose that one platform which can make or mar your business reputation out in the market. Of course, investing a huge sum is another thing, but when it comes to how users perceive your business, no one likes to run a risk as huge as picking up the wrong platform.

Well as a leading WordPress Development Company, we strongly support WordPress for it’s well-supported, efficient, flexible and Open source nature. Not only from us WordPress enjoys this fame everywhere across the world due to its extensible features.

When we talk about enterprise sites, the term is more relative than generic. Of what we consider in enterprise sites are huge brands or businesses like Pepsi co and web applications with a heavy user base. Contrary to the belief that WordPress is used only as a blogging platform, we have now and again helped people to come out of this made up and hear said perceptions by developing excellent enterprise sites for them. So why exactly would you go for WordPress Website Development? We give you not one, but five reasons to choose Wordpress for developing your enterprise site.

It is Open source, free and flexible

The original source code is free for personal as well as commercial use and it can be modified easily. Wordpress is highly flexible and easily customizable. With thousands of plug-ins, themes and functionalities available, one must not underestimate the flexibility of this free and open source platform. Also with 75 million sites developed on Wordpress, it sure has a huge dominance over the web which implies regular feature improvements, bug fixing and security from the huge community of developers, programmers, and volunteers.

It is scalable

If your site anticipates an enormous user base, it has got to be scalable. A simple website that’s not scalable can crash after receiving a large flock of visitors. It shows the tendency to slow down through periods of high-traffic, but this problem doesn’t occur when a site is built on Wordpress. A good Wordpress website development company can help you scale your site by strengthening your database, PHP worker pool, setting up a distributed file system, and other techniques.

It is multilingual and offers multi-site functionality

Using Wordpress multi-site in an enterprise setting, one can create a private network of sites and develop a network where people can add their own sites. What’s more, Wordpress can be easily made multilingual by using a translation plug-in. It provides complete CMS solution to serve a diverse community owing to its multilingual nature.

Wordpress makes way for Responsive Development

By responsive we mean that the design of the site works perfectly alright and functions well both on desktop as well as mobile. And a website needs to be responsive if it wants to attract a considerable user base. No one likes slow loading websites with drab icons. One great thing about Wordpress is that it is responsive and with a whole set of themes and plug-ins available, you can modify it the way you want.

Seamless social media integration

Being a popular brand or a big enterprise, the need to engage users is crucial. Wordpress gives you easy and seamless social media integration options. One can easily integrate social media accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular networks to curate and share fresh content to the users.

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