Amazon AWS vs Firebase: Which is the best one?

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It is always great to grow more and to go one step higher in the business. Now the trend is to go serverless. If you decide to go serverless than the question comes, how to go about it? There are two widely used platforms: one is from Amazon Web Services and other one is firebase from Google.

Understanding of Serverless service

Traditional server means a single server which offers the variety of services and has all the responsibilities at one server only. Single server does all the functions. This includes the services like writing of files, watching users, authentication etc. The server runs the code only when some function happens.

Amazon Web Service

AWS has many services all together and it is alike a one-step solution. AWS is also a friendly cloud service for the beginners. It is very easy to setup and customer service is excellent too. AWS is owned by Amazon so it always maintains its quality standards.

They also have pay per use service so it does not create extra burden on the customer. It is a part of big infrastructure and they have lot many services included. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for the new startups to understand it and manage it.


Firebase is owned by Google and it is a new product in comparison to AWS.This is a trustworthy cloud server and services are good but it is in the beginning stage so not well developed like AWS.

The difference between AWS and Firebase

This is really a hard decision to choose any one. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. AWS is a mature service and if you look for the mature service than AWS is the choice for you.

Firebase is great for the new startups who want to settle down.


AWS and Firebase both are great cloud servers and provides good user experiences to its users. AWS is owned by Amazon and Firebase is owned by Google so both are the products of reputed companies. In a nutshell, we can say that AWS is great for large teams and Firebase for small teams and new startups.

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