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Google’s Flutter framework has many features that facilitate developers to build robust and user-friendly apps with a native-like experience. Widgets are one such feature that takes Flutter app development services to a new level. Flutter Widgets are highly customizable and combine fluidity and flexibility for making interactive and feature-rich apps. 

In this post, we list the top ten Flutter Widgets that the Flutter application development company can use to build a custom business app. 

Top Flutter Widgets for Making User-friendly Business Applications

  1. FittedBox

It is one of the most responsive widgets of the Flutter development environment. It brings responsiveness to the assigned child option along with the right exclusiveness.

It only requires adding the row widget with two containers and the children. In this scenario, the second child can overflow the other that stays on the side. The Fittedbox widget can easily solve this issue. 

  1. SafeArea

It is the most dynamic widget that helps in making adjustments to the device screen. The height and width of the SafeArea widget can manage various screen sizes of different devices. It also helps eliminate the area constraint that the status bar has introduced. As a result, developers can easily utilize the available area and make a straightforward app. 

  1. Wrap Widget

Its primary use is to protect the app’s content to get clipped. It aligns the widgets in both horizontal and vertical manners. Developers can simply replace the row they want with the next row with the help of a wrap widget.

This is categorically useful when developers deal with a variety of widgets and want to make use of them in a particular row or column.  

  1. Opacity

Flutter developers can use this widget to make the app child transparent within the container. The opacity widget works well by transforming the child into the specific type on the immediate buffer.

It can make the chile transparent temporarily for improving the functionality. Here, the remaining space rearranges things automatically. Developers can keep the space empty or work on the remaining things with this widget.  

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  1. Motion Tab Bar

As the name suggests, it is an animated widget that brings motion in the tab bar. Developers can move Motion Tab Bar as and when necessary based on the app’s theme and content. It animates the tab bar and contributes to making the mobile app more attractive. Another use of the Motion Tab Bar is it can differentiate the subject matter using animation. 

  1. ConstrainedBox

As an inbuilt widget, ConstrainedBox is a part of the Flutter SDK. When it comes to adding limitations in sizing the child widgets, this widget works wonders. It facilitates the developers to add flexibility in line with the height and width of other smaller widgets. When the size of the child is bigger than the container, this widget gives the perfect limitations. 

  1. ArcText

This is a unique widget useful for Flutter application development services. With this widget, developers can easily write code to display content over an arc shape. They can also set the angles for placing the desirable content in a specific place in the circle. Normally, placing the text in the application at a particular point is challenging with the Flutter code. However, ArcText makes it easy for Flutter app developers. 

  1. FloatingActionButton

You can hire dedicated Flutter developers who can use the FloatingActionButton widget accurately and skillfully. It has a hovering action button that lets developers draw the user’s attention to the particular point of the app’s content. It is one of the main widgets for the Flutter framework and a part of the scaffold widget. 

Other advanced and popular Flutter widgets include

  1. FadeInImage

This widget is useful for displaying an image that fades in over a period. It can create a smooth transition when loading an image, or to add emphasis to an image in the application.

  1. ReorderableListView

This widget enables app users to reorder the items in a list. It is helpful in accomplishing tasks like creating a to-do list or sorting a list of various contacts.

  1. InkWell

This is an advanced widget that responds to taps and gestures. Flutter app developers utilize it to create buttons, links, and other interactive elements in the customized app.

  1. AnimatedContainer

This widget changes its properties over time. It is useful in creating animations such as a button that grows and shrinks when it is pressed.

  1. RotatedBox

This widget rotates its child widget around a specified axis. Developers can create rotating images, logos, and other elements by using this widget.

  1. ListWheelScrollView

It scrolls a list of items vertically or horizontally. It is useful in completing tasks like viewing a long list of items or scrolling through a news feed.

  1. Draggable

It enables app users to drag a child widget around the screen. It helps developers create interactive elements such as a drag-and-drop file manager.

The Flutter framework has a thriving community of active developers, therefore, we will have more tools and widgets available to save time and bring customization to the cross-platform business apps. 

When you hire Flutter developers for your project, they can easily use these widgets to add the desired features and functionality to your company’s mobile app. 

Concluding Lines

Flutter application development services are advancing rapidly with the active effort of Google developers. All its widgets and tools can help developers in making a customized app with all the necessary features and seamless functionality for different operating systems, i.e.Android and iOS. 

Hope this concise guide will help you know about some of its popular widgets and their uses. It is, however, better to consult a reputed Flutter development company to know more. 
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