How AngularJs Development would be a game changer

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How AngularJs would be a game changer1

With a rising demand for dynamic web pages and apps, html is no longer enough for the front end developer. Enter, Angular JS. A framework for creating dynamic web apps. Unlike other frameworks, Angular allows developers to extend the syntax of html to create dynamic web apps. It essentially makes a browser ‘learn’ new syntax by the use of directives. And the best part, it is open source.

AngularJS was created by Miško Hevery in 2009 as a tool to be used for an online JSON storage service. Later, the project was dropped and Angular was released as an open source library. The latest version, Angular 6 was released earlier this year.

Angular has a range of benefits as compared to similar frameworks. For one, it is developed and maintained by Google and therefore is supported by a vast community with resources for learning and development available easily.

Secondly, it is a great MVC. Usually a programmer would split his app into multiple MVC components and later stitch them together. Angular does this by itself, leading to a smaller time-to-market.

It is also quite intuitive and comprehensive. Meaning, it is easier to code as it uses html while having the benefit of not requiring additional frameworks or plugins to work.

The data models are JavaScript objects and therefore don’t need getter and setter functions, making the code look cleaner. Moreover, by making use of directives, we can create our own html elements.

Angular is the preferred framework for front-end development due to its ease of use and smaller coding time. It’s rich features and intuitiveness make it stand out amongst all available frameworks. It is especially effective in creating dynamic, single page apps and MVC structures. Unlike other frameworks, which are essentially a bundle of tools put together, Angular’s features work really well together.

It is also easier to adopt for jQuery users, having a built-in jQuery version and it goes together seamlessly with other technologies such as the NodeJS or as a part of the MEAN stack. Code written with Angular is shorter, cleaner and much more optimised. It is definitely the way forward for front end development.

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