How we are managing & helping businesses to grow during COVID-19 crises

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The world is at the brink of a radical transformation, but the rule of the game hasn't changed: The survival of the fittest. One moment we all were devoted to our new year's resolutions, goals, careers, & passion projects- the next moment, we got a global pandemic and strict lockdown."When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair nets." -Nabil SabkoWe live by this quote. Smart leaders never back down from a challenge. Thanks to the vigilant monitoring of the spread of COVID-19 and in-house business continuity management consulting, InheritX was fully equipped to face this disaster. A little pre-planning goes a long way. InheritX is an IT firm, so from the CEO to the youngest apprentice, we all are fluent in Business resilience, collaboration through online tools, and staying connected while working from home. After ensuring that each working team mate had their hardware set up, uninterrupted power and data, and all the softwares, we immediately declared work from home for our employees.With all the time our team saved from not pressing clothes and not getting stuck in the traffic, we have managed to increase our productivity by 15%. By leveraging fast & secure technologies, we are helping our clients GROW even during a nation-wide shutdown.Why is it important to keep your business running through this testing time?
  • A global pandemic may have kept people indoors, but their needs do not pause. It is the need of the hour that we regulate our businesses and meet their requirements.
  • A good organization does not surrender to the adversities. It protects its business by instilling employees with business continuity and crisis management education.
  • With fierce competition in the global market, it is easy to fall behind and become irrelevant.
  • A span as short as a few months can flip the current economy, and innovative businesses will thrive on it.
Blaming the current situation & napping in your homes might feel good for the first few days. But you will be shocked to see how some brands have taken advantage of this worldwide pandemic reaping the benefits of business continuity management.Here's what the giants did:
    • Panic buying has led to the most significant sale of toilet papers in western countries, sanitization products, and ready to eat foods. The ones who profited from it are the brands who showed great agility, cut down time-to-market, and acted as a well-synchronized unit.
    • Businesses that provide "stay at home" products and services. Internet service providers, VPN services, and online streaming apps have notably won the lottery. Handling all that traffic was not a piece of cake, but they worked together, freely asked for help, and offered support to become unstoppable.
    • All the online services, including IT giants, banking services, digital media advertising companies, digital classrooms, online tools for learning, creating, and collaborating, social media platforms are in demand more than ever.
    • E-commerce websites that provide home deliveries should be separately considered as it is a grey area. We do not appreciate the breach of lockdown, but most of them followed the sanitization protocol and showed up with the essentials whenever there was an emergency.
    • There are also some innovative apps which boomed through these times and deserve special recognition.
For example: The home workout apps, tracking apps, DIY & How-to apps, fitness and meditation apps, medical apps, gaming apps, tele-health apps, fintech apps used to have a limited number of users. But with minor changes in their offerings they have converted a large group of users.Now that we see how one can make the most of a national emergency, let us also understand what these businesses did differently than the rest of the world.Why this is the best time to consider investing in websites and apps development?
  • No business process was halted. These companies replaced physical activities with online activities.
  • These businesses doubled the capacity of their websites and phone apps.
  • Work from home was declared immediately, and the process was humanized by staying in touch with the employees, clients, and vendors.
  • The working units that had to let go were replaced immediately. Third-party resources and freelancers filled these holes, and the show went on.
  • Some companies quickly digitized themselves to be at people's disposal and converted them.
All in all, only two kinds of businesses have thrived from the global pandemic - online firms and corporations that did not stop working. These recent trends make it quite evident as to why a successful business needs a sturdy website and a versatile app.Top reasons to invest in your digital future:
  • Going online means going worldwide. Investing in a website and an app gives you visibility and presence without any physical restrictions.
  • When your business primarily operates online, you are available 24/7, and yes, even during a global pandemic.
  • Digitizing implies automating. You can free your employees from redundant and tedious tasks. The majority of your workforce could be utilized for the positions which require expertise and mastery.
  • Going online increases your sales by 80%.
  • Virtual establishments are better equipped for troubleshooting and customer support. Happy customers are the best form of advertisements.
  • Improve relations with your customers through regular online engagement.
  • Get an analysis of consumer needs, competitor research, changing trends of the markets- all in real-time.
  • Having your business under one roof makes crisis management and business continuity planning effortless.
InheritX is the tech ninja and your friend in need. We have specialized in building websites and apps that uplift businesses.Our core beliefs and best practices to help you kick-start your online ventures:
  • We focus on the growth of your business, but we respect your autonomy and your brand's persona. This way, we give priority to your needs and wishes without compromising on the success rate.
  • We are good listeners and capable executioners. Your needs are translated to comprehensible requirements, and these requirements are actualized with high agility and utmost security.
  • Regular updates and meetings on the progress of your products.
  • Best ever customer support. We connect through emails, calls, video calls, instant messaging through the service of your choice.
  • We have an in-house business continuity management plan committee, and we extend and share this service with all our clients.
  • Websites we make are sturdy, secure, and fast.
  • Innovative services and features ensure high ROI, and the websites made by InheritX turn your investments into profit.
  • We are on the top of our app development game, and eager to build ground-breaking apps with you for your business.
  • We have tapped into the pool unique combinations of formulas that make an app 100% successful.
Don't worry if you have already bought yourselves not-so-effective websites & apps. With a little help from InheritX, you can rank your existing sites better and make your apps run smoother.Summing Up:COVID-19 has uprooted the central pillar of the economy, that is, our workforce. That's right; it's not the gigantic machines that build businesses. It's the toiling hands of people who run this world. Only the companies that adapt to modern & unconventional growth models will survive the impact of the pandemic. To strike a balance between saving the economy and saving public health, the concept of outsourcing has become an excellent solution for the world. That's why Inheritx has decided to provide resources for outsourced gigs.What outsourcing can do for your business in these trying times:
  • Time-consuming and trivial processes can be outsourced for surprisingly low prices.
  • Outsourcing and offshoring help you connect globally and adds to your knowledge database.
  • You can leverage off-beat micro-specialization of your hired resource, which you may not need permanently.
  • It is easier to higher a team of experts than training your employees in micro-niche.
  • Outsourcing helps you stay in touch with multiple talent pools. Thus you can access them anytime.
  • Outsourcing in far-away areas helps you to get recognized beyond your current territory.
Feel free to drop a message to our executive for free consultation on hire resources to develop a website or application at minimal cost or mail us at and we can get the ball rolling.

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