Overtaking Rolex as the number one watch in the world- that’s Apple Watch 3 for you!

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At its launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled Apple watch 3 with exciting new features you have never had before. The new Apple watch 3 is not just an incremental upgrade to the Apple watch 2 but it also has some interesting features to look out for. As an Apple watch application development company, we are delighted to have a striking and feature-rich Watch in the Market.

What’s New in Apple Watch Series 3

Apple has gone a step further and included cellular connectivity for the first time. It will allow you to take and make calls from your watch itself. So just in case you leave your phone behind at home or find the task of lugging your smartphone everywhere you go, tedious, then Apple watch is a must buy.

That’s not it. Apple watch 3 has other interesting features that makes it worth buying. It is now LTE enabled and uses the same number as your iPhone. Not just calls, you can also access iMessage through your watch. Siri runs absolutely flawless on your Apple watch. You can go explore your city or nearby areas without actually carrying your Smartphone. The built-in map feature is compelling. What’s more, Apple watch lets you stream 40 million songs on your wrist. The battery life expectations from this latest version is about 18 hours but the credibility is yet to be ascertained.

Why it’s sad when you buy an Apple Watch Series 3

But sadly this flagship feature of Apple watch 3 can only be used with an iPhone. So if you don’t own an iPhone or are still running on Android, Apple watch 3 offers nothing new. You can still use the Apple watch 2 however. Also to take advantage of the cellular connectivity of the new Apple watch one needs to have iPhone 6 or later. The series 3 starts at $399 and it comes with additional data charges making the budget high.

What’s new in terms of health and fitness

Talking about other health and fitness tracking features, Apple watch 3 is incredible. It is swim-proof so you dive in without worrying about taking it off. The activity rings keeps you motivated, with each ring closing as you finish a task or reach a goal. A smart coach gives you all the nudging you require and celebrates every milestone with you. The heart rate app keeps tab on your walking, resting and workout recovery heart rate. It has got a built-in altimeter so you can know about the distance climbed during workouts. You can use other third-party health apps from the app store that reminds you to drink water and improves your sleep pattern.

Apple watch has everything you need to run your day from your wrist. From making calls, sending messages, to tracking health and fitness, everything you need is now on your hands. Apple watch 3 is surely the next revolution in the watch game.

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