Reactant- A new framework which makes it easy to program iOS Apps.

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Reactant has recently been released so it is obvious that many of us have no idea about this alien framework. Well, this blog will provide information about Reactant and everything concerning this new framework. A small Czech team from Brightify, a mobile app development house has recently created Reactant, a swift based framework that dictates how to structure an iOS project from start to finish.

Reactant framework basically makes it easy to program iOS apps by offering live re-load of code. The code will be testable, usable and highly scalable thanks to the Reactant Architecture. It is open source, so can be used by anyone. Set to be launched in December, the Reactant framework is currently posted on GitHub for testing and reliability. Incorporating swift’s powerful type system, reactant gives developers a lot of compile-time safety. Which means you can now easily build apps in swift without extensive coding.

The platform is well built and has a fairly complete documentation making it easier to pick up Reactant and start programming. It is all native swift, well built and might be taken into consideration for your next project. But before that let us take a look at some of the many advantages Reactant framework has to offer.

1. It is Safe

Each code used in Reactant has a single point of mutation that reduces the number of bugs.

2. It is testable

It makes it possible to test each part of your app independently and then integrating them together.

It is all native swift and any iOS Developer can use reactant right away. Another major advantage is it helps cut down the development costs by improving testability, safety, and re-usability. Reactant requires an iOS Version of 9.0+, Xcode 8.0+ version, and Swift 3.0+ Version.

This new native framework is expected to be performant and unquestionably thrilling. What are your views on this amazing new framework? Write to us if you think we can make an app for you using reactant.

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