Top Reasons Why Flutter is Suitable for Developing Business Applications

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Google Ads, Instagram, Alibaba, and many big names have put their trust in Flutter to drive their business toward growth. As a future-ready framework managed and supported by the software giant Google, Flutter gained popularity soon after its initial release in 2017.

In this article, we will dig deep into the core business benefits of Flutter for developing an app for your company. But, before moving ahead, how about understanding Flutter app development?

Flutter App Development- Introduction and Important Stats

Flutter is an open-source development kit supported by Google. This framework has many widgets and tools available for building and deploying custom mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

It facilitates developers to build a tailor-made cross-platform app using a single codebase. Flutter has remained a preferred choice for developers and entrepreneurs for multiple reasons. Since its release in 2017, Flutter has gained immense popularity worldwide.

As per a Statista survey for 2019 to 2021, Flutter is used by 42% of developers worldwide in 2021. It shows the increasing importance of Flutter as a cross-platform app development framework. Let’s go through the top benefits of Flutter for modern businesses.

Why Flutter is a Preferred Choice for Developing Business Apps

Backed by Google, Flutter is an open-source framework with large community support. Also, the search engine giant Google tends to keep this framework up-to-date and ready to meet future challenges. Flutter app development enables businesses to meet increasing challenges and stay firm amid growing competition.

Another advantage of Flutter is code reusability. As many as 95% of the code can be reused in Flutter development. It means that developers can write the code once and use it anywhere.

It saves both time and effort while reducing the time-to-market for a customized application significantly. Developers can also focus on other creative aspects of apps while using Flutter.

What’s more, this framework is free from bias for any giant OS. For example, Flutter has sets of Material Design widgets that make it compatible with Android OS as per Google’s guidelines on design. Flutter has sets of Cupertino also that make it compatible with iOS as per Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines.

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When it comes to creating an interactive user interface for a personalized user experience, Flutter has slightly the upper hand over other frameworks. Google has integrated a layered architecture in Flutter that enables developers to make personalized designs. Even if developers run Flutter on older versions of Android or iOS, it does not make any significant difference.

Companies can hire Flutter app developers to integrate a Flutter app with existing business apps. Developers need not write the entire code again for the integration. It is easy to integrate the app with some minor technical changes to the business system. More interestingly, Flutter can give a completely native experience that you cannot make out easily.

Let’s go through five top reasons why Flutter should be your preferred option for developing a business application.

Key Reasons You Should Build a Business App Using Flutter

Google maintains Flutter and keeps on adding new features to make this framework more friendly and up-to-date for developers. Flutter has all the features to meet the diverse and complex requirements of modern businesses. Here are the reasons why you should opt for Flutter for your upcoming business app.

Large Community Support

Flutter is highly popular among developers. As per the Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey, Flutter is among the top two most loved frameworks for cross-platform development with over 12 percent of developers’ choice.

As a result, Flutter has a vast community consisting of active and enthusiastic developers. Also, Google offers unwavering support to all new and experienced Flutter app developers. Businesses can get help from this thriving Flutter community as and when necessary. Developers can discuss bugs anytime and resolve them easily.

Impressive UI

Flutter has a variety of widgets for almost all categories of businesses. These widgets, together with layered architecture, and other features, assist developers to make more expressive UI.

Developers can focus on the experiences of end users and build flexible UIs accordingly. Also, it is possible to use Flutter on even older versions of Android and iOS, which makes developers get rid of investing more money in purchasing devices with newer versions or putting extra effort into older devices. Altogether, Flutter can build a customized UI for a business application.

Faster TTM

Flutter has a Hot Reload feature that facilitates developers to make changes in the code while showing them on emulators in real time. It can reduce the development time and you can get the advantage of a faster Time-to-market (TTM).

Another benefit of the Flutter platform is code reusability; As much as 95 percent of the Flutter code is reusable. Its widget library supports reusability and remains convenient for developers. When you hire Flutter developers they can make a complex app for your business in a relatively short time with these features.

Excellent Functionality

Flutter has better performance and more useful features than other cross-platform app development platforms available. It can save the developer’s time and entrepreneurs can get the desired features with ease.

Seamless functionality of the Flutter app can further boost the user experience and more people will attract to the app over the period. Flutter apps have relatively the same functionality and appearance on both Android OS and iOS which can give them a more nativelike experience.

Easy Testing

When you opt for Flutter app development services, you can remain assured of quick development and easy testing for your business app. As the code for a Flutter app for Android and iOS remains the same, developers can easily check the app’s performance on these platforms at once.

In other words, there is no need to hire separate developers for testing Flutter apps on two different platforms. It can save the app’s testing time and make the process relatively easy for developers.

Concluding Remarks

Flutter has a lot of potential and as Google supports this framework, we can certainly expect that Flutter app development services will evolve. However, it is better to hire Flutter app developers who have good experience to leverage the benefits of this framework.

Several startups, SMEs, and even established companies have already gained an advantage by migrating their existing business apps to Flutter. It is fair to mention that Flutter can reshape the future of cross-platform app development.

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