A list of apps that proves Flutter is the future

By Sandip Modi

Flutter is Google's another generous gift to the developer's community. It is a cross-platform SDK that will change the way we build and use our apps. This revolutionary framework is not a radical technology. It consists of Dart and CPP. Here is a list of diverse, top apps made with Flutter, which show the versatility, robustness, and intuitiveness of Flutter.

This article includes hot Flutter app examples, why we love them, and which Flutter quality they highlight. So without further ado, let us jump into it!

1. Google Ads

Industry: Utility

What does it do: This app is the mothership of ads management apps. You can check ad performance stats, call experts, edit/improve your ads.

What we loved:

  • All google apps are robust, but this Flutter app will redefine robustness!

  • Simple UI and easy navigation - These smooth features have enabled people with minimum knowledge of apps to interact with the app successfully.

  • Geeky stats made it simple. All the statistics are at one glance.

Image Source: Google Ads

2. Alibaba

Industry: eCommerce

What does it do: A wholesale marketplace for global trade! This flutter app lets buyers directly contact the sellers, and the Chinese economy has thrived because of it.

What we loved:

  • Attractive UI - Attractive UI does justice to the items for sale and pulls in buyers.

  • Auto-translation feature - Your messages will be translated automatically — no more language barriers.

  • Less crashing - Despite the fully loaded features, we found very less lag and no crashing.

  • Worldwide connectivity, meeting buyers and sellers all across the globe.

  • Secure financial transactions!

Image Source: Alibaba

3. Reflectly

Industry: Lifestyle

Developer: Reflectly

What does it do: This Flutter app with an attractive interface is your new care-bear.

What we loved:

  • The app UI - We are not over the soothing colors and fun doodles.

  • Smart AI - It is smarter than your half-distracted friend!

  • Daily updates from the app, and we never missed a day of journaling.

  • Creative ways of creating stories.

  • Knowledgeable resources, despite the huge database, we felt no lag

Image Source: Reflectly

4. Cryptomaniac Pro

Industry: Finance

Developer: PT Eunomia International Group

What does it do: The most accurate cryptocurrency signal information provider application.

What we loved:

  • How simple it has made our lives, following crypto currency isn't a challenge now.

  • Smart, accurate and secure. Because trust is important!

  • ICO most updated News.

  • Crypto most trustworthy News.

  • CM Event Calendar to keep you in the loop.

Image Source: Cryptomaniac Pro

5. Hamilton Musical

Industry: Entertainment

Developers: Hamilton Uptown LLC

What does it do: The official app of the Hamilton, a Broadway musical. The app gives you daily updates and videos, lotteries details and tour locations before anyone else!

What we loved:

  • It is loaded with a variety of information. Despite the diversity of the data, this app uses straightforward UI.

  • Timely updates to keep you hooked!

  • Did we mention Karaoke?

  • Funny stickers to spice up our chats with friends, family and music lovers.

Image Source: Hamilton Musical

6. Hookle

Industry: Social

Developer: Hookle Inc.

What does it do: Hookle is the new hub for socializing! Flutter drives this app to give you the real-time sharing of various media and the service is free upto 3 social media accounts. Check the status of the performance of your post and connect with the world!

What we loved:

  • Worldwide connectivity! Engaging with a global audience is truly rewarding!

  • Interactive UI which is stylish and handy!

  • Lets us connect with and manage several social media accounts on one platform.

  • Makes it easier to schedule and publish posts effortlessly from a single app!

Image Source: Hookle

7. SG BusTracker

Industry: Maps & Navigation

Developers: Goder Hsu

What does it do: SG BusTracker is for Singapore buses and tracking their ETA. This existing Flutter App shows you the schedules, availability, and routes quickly.

What we loved:

  • Real time tracking of the Buses.

  • Seats are colour coded according to the availability.

  • Smart features and simple navigation!

  • Exploring nearby options for bus stops, bus stations, POIs.

  • We can share the planned routes to a friend on their LINE chat or EMAIL.

Image Source: SG BusTracker


You can build any kind of app using Flutter. Each flutter app has the following similarities.

  • Everyone is happy. No more Android versus iOS banters! Your apps can be on both of these OSs.

  • Beautiful and stylish UI.What's more interesting is that the developers didn't have to build it from scratch as Flutter provides the primary and most used features like- scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts.

  • Superior platform portability.The existing Flutter apps not only run smoothly across various platforms but are also easy to develop. Codes are portable.

  • Hot reload.This feature allows you to experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs faster.

  • Native Performance.You are doing things a new way. Flutter code is compiled to native ARM machine code using Dart's native compilers. Saves time!

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