What is Flutter and How Flutter Works?

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What is Flutter?Flutter by Google is an open-source mobile UI framework that gives an effortless andexpressive way for developers to create cutting edge cross-platform native apps.
  • Released in May 2017, Flutter is written using the C, C++, Dart, and Skia Graphics Engine.
  • Flutter framework provides reactive styles without using any Javascript bridge, probably the only framework with mobile SDK to do so.
  • The SDK is free and launched as an open-source developer platform to build diverse and powerful apps. It's a no-nonsense move to make apps and interfaces with Flutter.
Now that we know what Flutter is, let us dive into the perks of using Flutter!Flutter has won developer’s hearts with its unique offerings.How does Flutter work?
  • Platform: Flutter uses Dart VM, which is hosted by Shell. Shell gives access to native platform APIs, and you don't have to maintain multiple codes.
  • Engine: Next up is the engine. Flutter offers Dart Runtime, Skia, Platform Channels, and far more.
  • Framework: The Flutter framework is the most relevant to the app developer. It contains everything you will interact with when developing your app.
  • Themes and widgets: Ready-made themes and widgets that are written using Dart.This way, you skip the part where a complicated JavaScript bridge is required, and Dart compiles the program ahead of time in the native code language of the platform.
  • Rendering pipeline: Since Flutter updates the interface at 60fps, the UI will be buttery smooth.
This is a shortlist of the features of flutter which we love:
  • Easy navigation: Flutter makes it a piece of cake to navigate. It also has customisable features, so your workspace is truly yours.
  • Object Oriented: Since, Flutter takes object orientation seriously, every entity you create is closest to it's real life characteristics. When entities reflect the exact qualities, they can be utilised better and your code works more efficiently.
  • Platform portability: You can create apps that run on multiple platforms seamlessly. This way you can have both Android and iOS apps without double maintenance.
  • Performance: Fewer performance issues and short app start-up time. In fact, very smooth performance.
  • Hot Reload: One of its kind, Hot Reload, enables you to view the changes applied to the code on emulators, simulators, and hardware instantly.
  • Free and open source: The first and foremost quality of this framework is it'saffordability. Developers across the globe can access this framework for creating meaningful and profitable apps.
  • Code sharing: Yes, the code written in Flutter has upto 95% reusability, and youcan share your code between platforms.
  • Advanced image formatting tools: Image formatting options in Flutter are fully stacked. Ranging from basic to expert level, these tools help you create 100% unique and stunning images.
  • Large number of IDEs: Flutter is compatible with a range of IDEs. That means youcan choose the one that's the most comfortable for you, and the best for your project.
  • Expressive apps: Apps made with Flutter are attractive and unique.
Why use Flutter App Development to create your next app?
  • Smarter way of building apps. Flutter changes the way you think about app development. It is no longer a tiresome process of algorithms, flowcharts, pseudo-codes, and finally, the codes. Flutter lets you fail often and faster as you can edit and enhance your code and see changes with Hot Reload.
  • Faster coding. It has effortless transition to other platforms. Most of your code is portable, and you can stop going nuts with restructuring your code to match theOS.
  • Gorgeous UIs. Expressive and fluid UIs are one of the most important reasonsthat users have preferred Flutter apps over others.
  • Cheaper and reliable. Open source, free platform, and a promise of security androbust performance? Where do we sign?
With that being said, it is obvious that Flutter is the developer’s first choice when it comes to developing an app from scratch. We have some insight from the budding start-up founders on how Flutter was their first choice.
  • The most affordable strategy, as we didn't need to maintain separate apps for iOS and Android.
  • Developers were happy due to the ease of coding, widgets, and not having to use multiple tools.
  • Quick and easy way to build demos for new clients.
  • End-users couldn't believe that social apps, tracking and navigation apps, finance apps, and entertainment apps were all made using one framework.
  • Each app is unparalleled and has lesser performance issues in general.
  • End-users were impressed by the UI and simplicity of the apps!
Not only the new hot-shots in the game but also the SME's are in love with Flutter apps. Here are the features they loved.
  • The app UI and logic is retained even when you switch platforms.
  • Shorted code development period.
  • Speeding up hitting the market readiness.
  • Apps behave like native apps
  • Tremendous scope for UI customization
  • Separate engine for rendering
  • Open source and affordable
  • Diminishes the risks and losses for a business of any scale.
Takeaway:Well, you have heard it from the experts now. There's nothing more efficient than the Flutter way of building apps. Inheritx has always been on the lookout for simpler, smarter, and more efficient technologies. We got our hands on this latest sensation and achieved expertise through practice. We take pride in promoting Flutter apps. Should you ever need a Team of Flutter App Developers to build fantastic apps, just shoot us an email at contact@inheritx.com and we'll be more than ready to serve you!

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