Why Choose Xamarin Mobile Application Development? [Detail Guide]

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Xamarin is named after Tamarin Monkey and they have replaced T with X. This theme used ever since Xamarin was initiated.

Xamarin is a Software company which was started in May 2011 and is acquired by Microsoft. The developer can use Xamarin tool to write iOS, Windows & Android application with share code across multiple platforms and native user interface. As of May 2015, Xamarin’s products are used by more than 1 million developers across the globe.

Product Development

Xamarin released Xamarin.Mac in December 2012, a plugin for the MonoDevelop IDE. Using C# based application for Apple OS X operating system using this IDE and package them for release via App Store.

Xamarin rolled out Xamarin 2.0 in February 2013. Xamarin 2.0 included two core component which are Xamarin Studio, re-branding of its MonoDevelop IDE and also integrated this with Visual Studio which is Microsoft’s IDE for its own .NET framework. This allowed developers to create an application for Android, iOS, and Windows using Visual Studio IDE.


The Lead Edge Capital invested $16 million in Series B funding in 2013. From Series A funding, there are several investors also latched on in Series B funding including, Ignition Partners and Charles River Ventures. In Series C funding, Total $54 million had been invested in 2014. It is the largest funding ever invested in mobile application development platform. $82 million is the total funding so far.


Xamarin and Microsoft announced that Microsoft ensigned an agreement to get hands on Xamarin. Microsoft did not reveal Terms of Deals. The Wall Street Journal reported that the deal is closed between $400M to $500M.

Xamarin Products

  • Xamarin platform
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin for Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Studio
  • Xamarin Mac
  • .Net Mobility Scanner
  • RoboVM

The pros. and cons. of Xamarin Mobile Development

Professionally speaking, C# and native libraries are being used by Xamarin which is covered in .NET layer for cross-platform development. This application is usually correlated to native for Android and iOS development platforms under most operating and user familiarity.


  • One technology stack code for all platform
  • Performance is similar to native
  • Native user experiences
  • Full hardware support


  • Slightly delayed support for the latest platform updates
  • Limited access to open source libraries
  • Xamarin Ecosystem problems
  • Expensive Xamarin license

Considering Other Options: Xamarin vs Native iOS/Android vs Hybrid Development

Our Recommendation

We really looking forward to work in Xamarin, and there are some upsides which outrival the downsides. We recommend you to work with Xamarin if below parameters are fulfilled in your application requirement.

If your application has a substantial amount of front-end login which cannot be handled by the backend server. Elseway the amount of code shared is nominal, so you are not saving in terms of cost or ramification and take on all the risks of the platform.

If you want to give support on one or more Windows devices and have the good amount of shared on front-end logic instead of backend login. In above-mentioned cases, We highly recommend working with a team that really understand your target platforms and this will give you to the best user experience for each and every.

If you want to develop your product in Xamarin platform then feel free to contact us and it would be our pleasure to help you. Hope you like our blog, you can share it on social media and to your friends as well. Happy coding!

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