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Node.js is one of the most popular web app development platforms for developing real-time apps. Here are the top reasons for its growing popularity.Social Media DescriptionNode.js is a preferred choice of developers to build cross-platform web applications. Do you know why they like it so much? Well, here we mention the top ten reasons why Node.js is the first choice for developing scalable web apps for your business.Advancing technology has given us several tools or runtime environment for developing web applications with desired features. However, very few tools are capable of meeting the complex needs of modern business, and Node.js is one of them. Inheritx can mention many reasons why it is a preferred choice of a lot of developers globally for web app development.But, before stating some of the noteworthy reasons, here is a quick fact that shows the growing popularity of Node.js. Some of the top-notch players in their respective categories count on Node.js for their seamlessly-performing apps. These names include Netflix, Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Trello and eBay. Let’s mention why this open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment is a preferable choice to develop your next Node JS web application development.Top Reasons Why You should go for Node.js1. It is very, very fastNode.js is written in C++ and uses V8 runtime developed by Google. This engine compiles JavaScript into a native machine code and runs very fast. It increases the speed of the Node.js web app development process significantly. Enterprises can get flexible and scalable network apps quickly using Node.js. Also, such applications can easily handle parallel connections with a high output. PayPal has reported a reduction in the response time by 35% with double the number of requests received per second thanks to Node.js apps.2. It promotes sharingNode Package Manager or NPM facilitates developers to accomplish their web app projects quickly. This inbuilt tool in Node.js can enable developers to refresh, share, and reuse the code with ease. Apart from 50,000 bundles, this platform has a vigorous bundle supervisor that can helps developers at every stage.3. It can make real-time applicationNode.js is specifically designed to make real-time web applications in no time! It has many features that assist developers to build real-time apps like chats and gaming apps. Node.js is also a good choice for developing programs that require an event-based server and non-blocking driven servers.4. It needs single code baseNode.js developers write JavaScript-based code for both server and client side thereby making the data sharing easy between the server and the client. In a way, Node.js facilitates synchronization and developers can easily build real-time web apps using a single code base.5. It handles I/O effectivelySince launch, Node.js remains capable of handling I/O well. It is advantageous for the developers and assists them to come up with amazing app solutions. Node.js also facilitates developers to transcode an audio and video file during the upload.6. It is built on JavaScriptEvery web developer has at least some knowledge of JavaScript for sure. Node.js enables entrepreneurs to get rid of the difficulty of finding a web developer to modify their existing Node.js-based application. We can mention that Node.js is one of the most prevalent platforms in the world that you can easily hire Node.js developers for modification or updating your web app.7. It increases productivityNode.js enables enterprises to keep the frontend and backend teams in a single unit to decrease the app development time significantly. In a way, productivity increases and developers can build a web app rapidly using Node.js. Also, a Java developer is more productive thanks to the compile-time error functionality of the platform.8. It excels in performance and scalabilityBoth V8 engine and Node framework are updated frequently to optimize performance and enhance security. The use of a JavaScript-based platform makes it possible to transform JSON data rapidly. Talking about Node.js, its event-driven configuration is capable of handling multiple connections at once. On one hand, most of the web platforms create an additional thread for every new request, and on the other hand, Node works on a single thread for handling requests in a short period.It is possible to handle hundreds of thousands or even a million connections simultaneously in a Node.js-based app. In a way, Node.js offers unmatched flexibility and scalability to corporate web apps.9. It is cross-platform app builderIt is possible to develop cross-platform desktop apps by using platforms like Electron along with Node.js. It means that developers can use some of the code from the web app for macOS, Windows, and Linux. What’s more, Node.js enables the developer’s team to come up with a desktop app even if developers have no expertise in C# or Objective-C for developing native apps.10. It has npm Enterprise versionNPM enables app developers to install, update, and access modules. These are small, open-source software packages or bundles. This functionality facilitates developers to eliminate the need to write common features from scratch. They can also avoid new and complex layers. The new Enterprise version of NPM can also help developers take care of privacy and security. This version allows enterprises to run NPM infrastructure behind their firewall. In a way, government organization, fintech or medtech companies etc. can easily protect their data stored in the cloud.Let’s go through the top benefits of Node.js development for businesses and developers alike.Top advantages of Node.js app development
  • It can build real-time apps very fast
  • Coding for both the client and server-side is possible in JavaScript
  • It increases the efficiency and speed of the web app development by filling the gap between frontend and backend
  • NPM can give multiple tools and modules to developers for boosting their productivity
  • Single code can be executed faster than other programming languages
  • It is perfect for microservices, a popular concept for enterprise app development.
Node.js has marked its presence in the developer’s community in a short time. From increasing productivity of developers to improving the performance of the web app, Node.js can remain the top choice of developers and entrepreneurs alike. Node.js has opened up many possibilities in the web app development domain and developers just like to use it for making real-time apps and feature-rich corporate applications.At InheritX Solutions, we have developed flawless and futuristic web apps using Node.js. Our in-house team of developers is ready to meet your business needs innovatively by integrating technological advancements. You can hire Node.js developers in the cost-effective way from InheritX. Send us your project requirements by filling up Contact us form OR drop an email at contact@inheritx.com and our expert consultants will get back to you soon.

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