15 Mobile Apps Built With React Native Framework [Updated List]

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What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that lets you write code for real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android.

  • React Native targets mobile platforms.

  • Based on React, Facebook's JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

  • You can write mobile applications that look and feel genuinely "native," all from the familiarity of a JavaScript library that we love.

  • Most of the code you write is shareable between platforms, and that's how React Native makes it easy to develop for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

What is React Native framework?

  • It is a framework that renders your JavaScript into native code.

  • It supports multiple platforms.

  • Components like view, text, and image are platform agnostic and map directly to the UI building blocks of that platform.

  • React Native has a feature called Fast Refresh, where you can edit your code and load the changes instantly.

Benefits of React Native:

  • Reusable code, ideal for prototyping and rapid development.

  • Cost-effective, less time-to-market, simple post-launch upgrades.

  • Faster apps, instant live updates, fast refresh to reflect changes made in code into the app.

And, this is why giants like Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, Pinterest, and Instagram have chosen React Native.

Apps built with react native:

1. Facebook Ads Manager

Developers: Facebook

Category: Business

Overview: An app to have your Facebook Ad data at your fingertips.


  • Graphical analysis of the performance of your ad.

  • Real-time updates, so you are never out of the game.

  • Expert Advice to keep performing better than yesterday.

  • Robust and simple.

Image Source: Facebook Ads Manager

2. Instagram

Developers: Instagram

Category: Social

Overview: An app to connect with friends and family to share what you're up to and connecting with the world. See new places, share highlights of your day, network better!


  • Share pictures and videos instantly.

  • Real-time chat, video calls, 24 hours story feature.

  • Lesser crashing despite the tremendous content.

  • Intuitive feed.

Image Source: Instagram

3. SoundCloud

Developers: SoundCloud

Category: Sound & Audio

Overview: An audio streaming service that has become the first choice of musicians, indie artists, and music lovers.


  • Smart song recommendations.

  • Discover artists based on your music preference.

  • Connect with artists, real-time chat.

Image Source: SoundCloud

4. Facebook Analytics

Developers: Facebook

Category: Digital Marketing & Analysis

Overview: Understanding the activities of clients on the web, in the applications and on Facebook in one single app. Analyze trends, customer tendencies and conversion rate.


  • Revenue tracking to gauge profit

  • Custom Dashboards with unique UX

  • Automated Insights using intelligent algorithms, and processing large data

  • Creating custom audiences that offer great flexibility

Image Source: Facebook Analytics

5. Gyroscope

Developers: Gyroscope

Category: Health & Wellness

Overview: An addictive wellness app that is smart, convenient, and effective.


  • Close health monitoring.

  • Tracking.

  • Privacy and security, at best.

Image Source: Gyroscope

6. Myntra

Developers: Myntra

Category: Shopping

Overview: India's favourite fashion hub. Myntra provides home deliveries for the clothes you buy.


  • Wide range of catalog.

  • Order tracking feature.

  • Safe gateways for online transactions.

Image Source: Myntra

7. Discord

Developers: Discord Inc.

Category: Communication

Overview: A cross-platform chat app for text, video, and voice comms designed specifically for gamers.


  • Live comms- texts, voice calls, video calls.

  • Better privacy options, tight security.

  • Cross-platform app for AFK chatting.

Image Source: Discord

8. Skype

Developers: Skype

Category: Communication

Overview: An intelligent network that has spread worldwide and loved for its free texting, calling, and video chat services.


  • HD video calls that can handle up to 24 participants.

  • Available on PCs, Macs, Tablets, and phones. All the platforms.

  • Expressive interface and easy handling

Image Source: Skype

9. Bloomberg

Developers: Bloomberg LP CM

Category: News & Magazine

Overview: Stay up to date on the news of global business, stock market and finance news, and trending topics like bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


  • Stuffed with accurate and trustworthy content and news.

  • Audio and video content are available.

  • Secure and safe when it comes to data privacy.

Image Source: Bloomberg

10. Walmart

Developers: Walmart

Category: Shopping

Overview: A shopping app made for easier purchases and lots of savings.


  • Scan items to check the price.

  • Has its own money wallet, secure money transactions.

  • Understands your needs and shopping habits

Image Source: Walmart

11. Tesla

Category: Lifestyle

Category: Shopping

Overview: The Tesla app puts you in direct contact with your Tesla vehicles and Powerwalls anytime, anywhere.


  • Check the charging progress in real-time and start or stop charging

  • Heat or cool your car before driving – even if it's in a garage

  • Lock or unlock from afar

  • Locate your vehicle with directions or track its movement

  • Send an address from your favorite apps to start navigation in your car

  • Allow your passengers to quickly control media

  • Flashlights or honk the horn to find your vehicle when parked

Image Source: Tesla

12. Discovery VR

Developers: Discovery

Category: Knowledge & entertainment

Overview: Explore the wilderness from the comfort of your home. Experience the life-like VR with Discovery.


  • A VR that makes all your dreams come true.

  • Never run out of content. Constant learning.

  • High-quality material for streaming.

Image Source: Discovery VR

13. Wix

Developers: Wix

Category: Productivity

Overview: Invite clients, customers, readers and more to join you as members so they can book your services, browse & buy your products, join discussions, read your blog posts and more - right from the app. Send updates as push notifications right to their phones for free so they never miss an update.


  • Real-time updates.

  • Highly customizable apps and websites.

  • Fabulous UIs.

  • Simple to understand and create your apps.

Image Source: Wix

14. Delivery.com

Developers: Delivery.com

Category: Delivery

Overview: You can order online from your favorite local restaurants, liquor stores, grocery stores, and laundry and dry-cleaning providers.


  • 2m users but you’ll never face the traffic.

  • Tracking orders is possible.

  • Secure payment options.

  • Wide range of catalogs.

Image Source: Delivery.com

15. Yeti (Smart Home)

Developers: Get Yeti

Category: Lifestyle

Overview: Incredible app that brings all your smart devices on the same page. Meaning, you can manipulate all the devices connected to the internet using a single app!


  • You can tell Yeti which brand’s devices you own and he can scan your home network to automatically find them.

  • Discovered appliances appear in the Yeti home screen where you can control all of them with one touch.

  • Your home, your rules. Yeti helps you create rules that tell your devices what to do by themselves based on different conditions so they better adapt to your lifestyle.

Image Source: Yeti (Smart Home)


Now that you have seen what mobile apps made using React Native what can do, you must be convinced that any entrepreneur will opt for this open-source and user-friendly framework. Whether you are a start-up or a tech giant, React Native Framework is your new go-to technology for building sturdy, cross-platform apps that are loaded with diverse features!

Inheritx focuses on grasping and implementing the latest technologies that are here to stay for a long time. The eternal thirst for knowledge and creation attracted us towards this super-advanced framework. Should you ever need consultation or a Team of Professionals to create a React Native app for you, just reach out to us at contact@inheritx.com and we can get the ball rolling.

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