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Be it a JavaScript-based web app development, the incessant battle between Angular and ReactJS keeps entrepreneurs baffled. As the framework selection has a crucial role to play in the project’s durability, meeting deadlines, and maintaining scalability of the app, you need to give it a top priority. Here we are going to compare them to make your job a bit easy.

Interestingly, both React and Angular are developed organically with the relatively same dynamics. Both the frameworks keep on bringing updated versions regularly and if we go through Google Trends for the recent years, we find that both of them are almost equal in searching or preference. The developer community prefers both of them almost equally.


Angular is a javaScript framework written in Typescript. It is maintained and supported by Google, whereas ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed and backed by Facebook.

Recent Versions

React 16 is React latest version, whereas Angular 7.2.x is Angular latest version.

React vs Angular- Battle is On

As per the recent study, almost 65% of developers already use ReactJS and 19% are in the process to learn it. On the other hand, 24% of developers use AgnularJS and another 34% want to learn it. It shows that Angular has started gaining ground among the developers worldwide. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both these platforms that can help you choose the most suitable framework for your upcoming web or mobile app project.

Pros of Angular

  • Vast Community Support - An ever-growing developer community and Google’s backing make Angular one of the best frameworks. Active designers and developers constantly contribute to the framework to enhance its credibility and reliability.
  • Fully-featured Framework - It can run on any platform as a full-fledged MVC framework. It is consistent and includes a plethora of readymade tools. It has robust ng components that are not available in React.
  • Two-way Data Binding - It is one of the best features of Angular. It diffuses the impact of minor data changes and eliminates the need for further effort with data sync. In a way, it saves developers’ time and efforts.
  • Component-based Architecture - Components are mature and they have deep binding. What’s more, all the components are loosely coupled for reusing and better test-ability.

Pros of ReactJS

  • React with Redux - Redux is an open-source JavaScript library that is similar to Flux architecture developed by Facebook. Perhaps this is the reason why ReactJS is more compatible with Redux than Angular.
  • Prompt Rendering - It is one of the best features of React that enables the framework to surpass Angular. It comprises smart methods to mitigate the number of DOM-related operations. It contributes to optimizing and accelerating the updates. Virtual DOM can help to handle vast databases.
  • Highly Responsive - It is one of the best features of Angular. It diffuses the impact of minor data changes and eliminates the need for further effort with data sync. In a way, it saves developers’ time and efforts.
  • Component-based Architecture - t is very much responsive and flexible. ReactJS can readily work with heavy loads as it is combined with ES6/7. Also, ReactJS is easy to learn as compared to Angular. Developers can write in it without learning TypeScript, which is mandatory to learn for Angular.

Cons of Angular

Angular is a well-defined and comprehensive framework, but it makes the learning curve steep. Complexity is another drawback of Angular. Programmers need to learn TypeScript to write in Angular. However, the introduction of Angular Universal and pre-rendering option in ng2 has helped the framework defuse several issues.

Cons of ReactJS

Firstly, ReactJS is not a full-fledged framework like Angular. You may not find structured documentation and other related stuff for this framework. ReactJS is still young and has a lot of scope in terms of maturity, variation, and advanced features. Limited ecosystems, fewer tutorials, etc. are other disadvantages of ReactJS.

Also, integration of the UI library into an MVC framework is difficult for the programmers.

Who uses Angular

You can hire Angular developers to make the most of this platform for your app project.

Who uses ReactJS

You can hire React developer to leverage the benefits of ReactJS.

Quick Look of Different Aspects

Well, these points can just give an outline of both frameworks. It is better to consult a ReactJS or angular app development company.

App developers or software engineers may not pay heed to differences between ReactJS and Angular frameworks. It is because their focus remains on the suitability of the framework for the projects in hand. The selection of framework is based on various aspects like your business goals, project objectives, market trends, and personal preferences. However, the points we have mentioned here will certainly help you prefer one for your project.

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