5 key tips for successful website conversion rate optimization

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5 key tips for successful website conversion rate optimization

Some of the basic tactics one implies for driving users and revenues to their sites includes making a website or application of their business and paying for its promotions on various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But still don’t get revenues. It must be known to anyone who has tried this method of increasing profit to expand their business. Paid promotions only ensure users visit your website. It doesn’t ensure purchases. Now the question is how to get the best conversion rate optimization services.

Inheritx brings you 10 key tips for successful conversions on your website.Let’s suppose you have an online ticketing platform. The below points will explain you what you can do for increasing the conversion rates and how.

Make your website speedy

This is the most important thing for increasing conversion rates. Picture this. What would you, yourself do if you open a site and it takes too much time to load? You leave the site. You got your answer.If your online ticketing platform takes longer to load, the user might change his decision and instead go to some other site. If the user wants to wait, why would he not wait in a queue outside a theater rather than waiting on your website that takes longer to respond despite charging extra for online booking?

According to a study, a one-second delay in loading time of a website causes 7% loss in conversions. Now 7% is huge, especially when it is about your business.In this competitive world where users have many alternatives to the same service or product they are seeking, it is mandatory that you be better than the rest. Having a quick loading time gets you in the game. The first thing any good conversion rate optimization agency would do is check the loading time of your site.

Use images

Well, who doesn’t like to stay on an aesthetically pleasing website? Using images on a website increases the conversion rate by a whopping 89% as compared to not having images. Having said this, images make your website look stunning.It will be nicer seeing the posters of movie or concert when booking a ticket. Users feel more connected/attracted which in turn increases conversion rates. Having images on your websites is pure psychology.

Include a landing page

A landing page does wonders. Especially for the first time users. Design a fantastic landing page with a headline and subtitle preferably. A compelling tag-line can work wonders. And of-course a Call-to-action. A great conversion rate optimization agency knows what to include in a landing page so as to persuade users to buy.

Offer freebies

Again this would lure both first time users and users who have used your services before. For example, if you have an online ticketing platform, you can offer a 10% discount on latest movies. This proves more effective as there are more takers/viewers for latest movies and people would really not miss out on any good offers.

Make it easy

Don’t confuse the user with a complex menu. Also, use appropriate filters to make the search easy. The flow of purchase on an online ticketing platform should include

    • A deal or offer
    • A user checking out movies.
    • A user getting directed to the theaters and timings.
    • User selecting number of tickets
    • User getting directed to the payments page.

The design of your web pages must facilitate the buying process.

These are the basic conversion rate optimization techniques that you can try. For advanced conversion techniques, contact a conversion rate optimization agency like Inheritx. We have tried and tested methods of improving the conversion rates of your online business.

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