Best Conversion Rate optimization principles to get you started.

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Best Conversion Rate optimization

Inheritx, a leading conversion rate optimization services provider in India brings you a list of three best conversion rate optimization techniques that will help you increase conversion rates effectively.

1. Check your speed

The speed of your website is vital to conversions. 48% of people expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. 57% of visitors are highly likely to abandon a page if it takes 3 or more seconds to load. Given speed’s prominence over the popularity of your website, improving your website or applications’ features loading time is one of the prime principles of Conversion Rate Optimization.

Here is a list of few techniques that will help faster loading.

First of all, you need to check the speed of your website. Tools like Pingdom go a long way in providing a graded scale, time and a list of improvements. When using Wordpress websites, use a caching plugin. Optimize the size of your images with a plugin like WP smush or Optimizilla before uploading. If your site receives a high level of global traffic, third-party network optimization tools can be of tremendous help.

2. Keep it singular

It has been found that the landing pages of many companies have multiple offers which is not good. Many websites have 3 to 4 CTAs which confuses the users. Go singular and use just one CTA hat focuses on action. Keeping only one crisp and clear CTA can increase the click-through rate by about 40%. Here is a list of some tricks that you can use on your landing pages or emails to increase conversion rate optimization.

-Identify the goal of your landing page or email.

-Focus only on the central goal and refrain from giving your users other actionable options.

-One can use multiple CTAs but each and every CTA should direct the user to only one central goal. Pick any top CRO services company in India and they can vouch on the above point.

3. Grab attention

To put it simply, your website should be able to grab your user’s attention in less than 8 seconds. If it fails to do so, you can be assured of no sales from the user. Conversion rate optimization is more or less attention management. A catchy headline is the most important element to engage your target audience. It must be kept under 20 words. Psychological triggers such as desire and fear are no less effective.

Some of them include


“Why Your Copy Needs to Pick a Fight with the Other Guy (Instead of Smiling and Shrugging)” (Copy Hackers)


“What Should Your New Password Be?” (BuzzFeed)

“Why Are So Many Blog Post Headlines Framed as Questions?” (Kapost)


“The Countries Where It’s Easiest to Become a Self-Made Billionaire” (Business Insider)


“Oracle Makes More Moves to Kill Open Source MySQL” (Tech Crunch)

How To’s

“How to Be Unique (Even If You Don’t Feel Special)” (Henneke)

“How to Use Customer Experience Maps to Develop a Winning Content Marketing Strategy” (Copyblogger)


“Why Content Goes Viral: What Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us” (OkDork)

“The PPC Food Pyramid: A 211 Point PPC Marketing Strategy” (KlientBoost)


“10 Portland Brews You Should Drink Right Now: Ten Reasons The Beers In Your Fridge Right Now Just Don’t Cut It” (AskMen)

“Uh-oh, Your Prescription is Expiring” (HubSpot)

Get started with these best conversion rate optimization principles. To get help from our digital marketers and conversion rate optimizers, contact us now.

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