Flutter Web and App Development in 2022 [Updated Guide]

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Essential Components of Flutter Mobile App and Web Development

Cross-platform app development has gained ground in recent years. Flutter, supported by Google, has marked its presence in this domain with its extraordinary features and seamless performance. This article will go through the benefits of Flutter app development. But before moving ahead, let us understand this robust UI framework and its role in both web and mobile app development.

What is Flutter Development?

introduced in 2015, Flutter quickly grabbed the attention of the developer community worldwide. Essentially, Flutter was built for Android OS. But, gradually, several enterprises have started opting for Flutter to build robust web applications. Flutter web development becomes popular because of the many advantages it offers including high security and continuous accessibility.

As a UI library, Flutter enables developers to come up with native, interactive, and attractive mobile apps. But, Flutter app development is not limited to mobile apps. It can give the same experiences in both mobile and web platforms thanks to the flexibility of the platform and the mobility of Dart, the programming language of Flutter. Developers can compile pre-existing Flutter code written in Dart to provide users with the same web experience.

Today, Flutter web development competes with SPA frameworks including Angular, React, and Vue to make web applications. It is also competing with the platforms like Electron to make desktop apps. Talking about the future, Flutter will gain the capability of making apps for embedded devices and other devices. Let’s understand how Flutter works as a platform for developing mobile, web, and desktop applications.

How Flutter App Development Works

Flutter mobile app development is based on its rendering engine, Skia. It offers complete control over every pixel of the screen as an SDK (Software Development Kit). Flutter Web (FW), on the other hand, can build HTML components of the application and uses the entire app screen as a canvas. It further enables developers to get complete control over the screen’s pixels.

FW works on mainstream web technologies HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Altogether, users can get all capabilities of Flutter including routing and animations without writing any additional code.

Flutter web development has some differences from Flutter mobile app development because, in Flutter Web, the graphics layer is built on top of conventional browser APIs and compiled Dart to JavaScript. The same is done through the ARM machine code in mobile app development.

Flutter combines DOM, WebAssembly, and Canvas to provide users with a high-quality and rich experience across all modern browsers.

Here are the key benefits of Flutter app development.

Top Benefits of Using Flutter for App Development

Flutter is one of the top four mobile app development frameworks worldwide. It offers many benefits to developers and entrepreneurs alike. Let’s go through the key benefits of Flutter.

Single Codebase

Flutter facilitates developers to use a single codebase to build Android and iOS applications. What’s more, it also assists developers to get rid of writing different code for UI for different platforms. Flutter does not require any platform-specific UI to render the UI as well. In a way, developers can come up with a flawless app for both iOS and Android OS in a short time.

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Quick Development

These days, every business person wants that their app develops quickly. But then, it becomes challenging for developers especially when they build customized apps.

Here, Flutter lends a helping hand with the facility of a single codebase and features like Hot Reload. Flutter web and mobile app development is relatively a faster process thanks to rich and advanced tools.

Reduced TTM

Companies can get an advantage of a reduced TTM (Time to Market) with Flutter app development. The Flutter platform can significantly reduce development time and cost which further results in a reduced TTM for enterprises.

Multiple Platforms

Flutter has its own rendering engine that enables developers or entrepreneurs to launch an application on any platform including iOS, Android, and even the web. There is no need to modify the UI for launching the app on different platforms as Flutter does not require any platform-specific UI.

Native Performance

This is one of the biggest benefits of Flutter app development. As Flutter is built using Dart programming language, it has the ability to create a link with native code. As a result, you can expect Flutter apps to give native performance across different platforms every time.

Smartphone Advantage

Dart programming language allows Flutter app developers to come up with apps that can leverage the benefits of the features of smartphones including GPS, sensors, and Bluetooth. The same is true for web or desktop apps as well. Users can easily use the features of a browser and desktops while using the respective versions of Flutter apps.

Flutter Web enables developers to access the same widgets that are available for Flutter for mobile applications. It also offers an option to build a customized version of the web app based on the OS of the system.

All these benefits make Flutter an ideal tool to build customized cross-platform apps, but Flutter Web has some drawbacks-it is not SEO-friendly and it lacks the ability to modify once-generated HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code.

After looking at the pros and cons of Flutter, we can consider that Flutter has the capability to become the most powerful and reliable cross-platform app development framework. Be it a single-page app or a complex business app, Flutter is ready with its advanced tools.

Concluding Lines

Flutter can remain a highly cost-effective and efficient platform for developing mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps for your business. All you need to find the right Flutter app development company to get a seamlessly performing, feature-rich, enterprise-grade application.

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