Impact of Top Ten iOS 13 Features on Mobile Application Development

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In the recent WWDC 2019 event, the Cupertino-based software giant Apple has released much-awaited iOS 13. It has sent a clear message of bringing innovation in the mobile app development process and integrating the next-gen features in the customized iPhone apps. Yes, only iPhone app development will have a major impact of the advent of iOS 13 thanks to the arrival of iPadOS. With the launch of iPadOS, Apple has shown its interest in focusing more on iPhone-related features.As developers and users have got the first look of iOS 13, it is interesting to go through some noteworthy new features and a few updates. The recent iOS version has already shown its capability of bringing the radical changes in iPhone app development for business and individuals alike. However, public beta has not come yet, we will see the major features of iOS 13 from a developer’s viewpoint.Here are the top ten features of iOS 13 that can change the face of iPhone app development in the year 2019 and beyond.

1. It’s Dark Everywhere

Well, we can compare the Dark Mode directly with Google’s upcoming Android Q. But, here the dark mode is applicable to the entire system. The user interface (UI) of the iOS 13-oriented iPhone app will have a dark mode. Apple’s apps also support the dark mode, which means that your entire iPhone that runs on iOS 13 can convert into the dark mode with ease.

It is specifically beneficial for app users during low-light conditions. What’s more, the dark mode is easy for eyes and can save the battery. In the coming days, all the iPhone apps will support the dark mode.

2. Photos App becomes More Advanced

Tools for brilliance, shadows, contrast, noise reduction, and other photo editing-related features will be a part and parcel of the iOS 13 Photos app. These editing tools can be used for photos and videos. The Photos app will also have a new UI with awesome browsing experienced thanks to the Machine Learning (ML) technology.

Talking about the Camera app, iOS 13 will enable the users to adjust the position and intensity of lighting in the portrait mode. Whenever there is a need to integrate the Camera or Photos app’s features, the iPhone app developers will have more scope because of iOS 13.

3. Performance, Performance

Since the launch of the first iPhone, Apple tends to focus on performance. Every iOS version update brings performance boost and iOS 13 is no exception! In the Keynote at WWDC 2019, the company has claimed that app in iOS 13 will be launched two times fast as compared to its predecessor iOS 12. In line with this major performance boost, it is obvious that the company will emphasize on the app’s quality, performance, and load time while accepting it on the App Store.

It is said that the apps on the Apple App Store will become up to 50 percent smaller as compared to today’s size. Even the app update size will also get reduced. These are a few aspects on which experienced iPhone app developers will work.

4. More on Privacy

The iPhone maker never compromises on privacy. Keeping this tradition intact, iOS 13 brings a new feature ‘Sign in with Apple’ to enable the users to get seamless and yet secure access. This feature enables users to log in to apps with the help of Apple account.

When you hire iPhone app developers, they will integrate this feature to your business apps and even website. Your app’s users can readily sign in your app with the help of Face ID or create a new Apple account without sharing any personal data.

5. ‘Find My’ is Here

From finding lost Apple devices to track down friends, the ‘Find My’ app in iOS 13 can remain handy. This app will enable the users to track apple devices even during the offline mode. This sounds interesting. When devices are offline, Bluetooth technology will send a secure message to nearby iOS devices. The iOS device transmits the message to the iCloud and the user can get a notification through it. Entrepreneurs will get the most from this feature while implementing the mobility concept in the company.

The users can also stay connected with friends and family with the help of a single UI.

6. Swifter, Stronger Keyboard

This is again in line with Google’s keyboard, Now, Apple’s keyboard or Quick Path will have a swiping function. What’s more, users can get the word suggestions as they type on Quick Path. This will be a built-in keyboard on the iOS 13. It will save a lot of time of users as they can type words simply through swiping across the new keyboard.

7. Robust Reminders App

The Reminders app has a new look and a plethora of filtering options. A new UI contains various options like Today, Scheduled, and the like. The new app itself suggests the time of reminder when the user will go to set up the reminders. Also, the app enables the users to tag contacts so that the users can get a notification or reminder even when they are busy in a conversation.

8. Maps App Becomes more Interactive

New features and more interactive experience are two major aspects of the new Maps app. The iOS 13 Maps has highly detailed maps with realistic details. It is said that Apple will introduce a Look Around feature to offer a 3D experience to the users. It can be considered as Apple’s answer to Google Maps’ Street View.

Also, Apple’s Maps app can allow users to share their estimated time to friends and relatives.

9. Files App Improvements

Files app is one of the most useful apps for modern business. This app will bring an updated version in iOS 13. Apple has made this app more powerful and reliable than before. Now, Files app supports USB drive, hard drives, and SD Cards. Users can also share folders from their iCloud Drive. Entrepreneurs and CEOs can share folders from their iCloud Drive and stay connected with office systems or a home PC.

10. More Powerful Siri

Siri is going to get a new voice on iOS 13. It is possible because of neural machine learning technology. Now, it is easy for your iPhone app to integrate Siri with more natural performance and satisfying conversation. The iOS 13-based iPhone users in India can also get a new Indian English voice in Siri. In a way, Siri is ready to offer a more localized and personalized touch.

You can integrate new Siri in the business iPhone app with the help of a reputed mobile app development company.

It is certain that Apple will bring new iPhones based on iPhone 13 during this fall. Looking at people’s growing curiosity and increasing interest in iOS 13 and upcoming iPhones, it is beneficial to either develop a business app compatible with iOS 13 or a new iOS 13-based iPhone app for your company. All you need to consult a reputed iPhone app development company to get a quote and proper assistance.

Do you want to know how iOS 13-based app can benefit your business? Just drop us a line at and our business consultants will be happy to help you out!

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