Top 10 Factors to Consider to Make your Mobile App Successful

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Whether you hire mobile app developers or assign your project to the mobile app development company, you should get a high ROI. Here are the top tips for it.Developing a user-friendly and feature-rich mobile app is a time-consuming project where you invest a lot of money and effort. As an owner of the app, you always want to make your app successful in the app stores and generate a steady stream of revenue. What if your app fails to attract people after the launch? Isn’t it a nightmare for entrepreneurs and developers alike?In this blog, we are going to discuss key factors that can impact the success of your mobile app. The number of mobile apps is increasing rapidly every day, and therefore, it is difficult to stand ahead of the curve for any app owners. However, the following tips can help you make your app popular amid growing competition. As a leading flutter app development company, our experts take care of it from planning stage only..Top Ten Factors to Keep in Mind for Making Your App Successful1. Make a proper roadmapBefore assigning your app project to the mobile app development company, you need to do extensive research on market trends, user expectations, and your competitors’ activities. It helps you make a proper list of objectives and key features you want to include in the app. A clear roadmap not only saves time and efforts of you and app developers but also ensures the success of your app.It is true that ‘First impression is the last impression’ when it comes to the mobile app. Even if you have a brilliant app idea, proper execution is necessary to avoid your app’s failure. An app strategy can help you transform your idea into an appealing app.2. Focus on quick loadingIdeally, your mobile app should not take more than 5 seconds to load. Remember, no user can wait for a long time for your app, and delete or uninstall immediately if it takes 15 seconds to load completely. Today, app stores are flooding with apps and chances are fairly high that many options are available for every single app. The app user can find your competitor’s app that does not take much time to load.When you hire mobile app developers, you need to make sure that your app loads fast across all the major devices and works seamlessly.3. Keep your app smaller in sizeWhile developing a mobile app, you need to concentrate on keeping its size as small as possible. User will think twice before downloading app, if it is bigger in size. A smaller sized, lightweight app can occupy less memory in the user’s device as compared to other apps and it can load rapidly. If your app occupies too much space and consumes so much data, then users may consider uninstalling it.Though many mobile phones support external memory these days, users still prefer apps that do not need more space.4. Ensure availabilityIt is better to publish your app on Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users. Apart from ensuring its availability, you need to keep it free to use initially. This will encourage users to use your app and experience your content. You can consider a ‘Freemium’ or ‘Premium’ version at the later stage once app downloads starts increasing..Also Read- Is Flutter a Future of Mobile App Development?5. Opt for App MarketingGrowing competition on the app stores compels you to promote your app after the launch. You need to start marketing your app before it is published. After the release, you can go for app marketing campaign to get valuable initial downloads and constructive feedback. The app marketing campaign also assists you to create hype for your app and increases its chances to get success over the period. You can give referral points to an existing customer for making new customers.A reputed mobile app development company also offers app marketing services for your new or existing app.6. Pay attention to app iconWhat is the first thing that attracts people toward your app? Yes, it’s an icon of your app. Every app icon is unique to say the app’s story and convey your message. Many excellent apps have failed to mark their presence simply because they had poorly designed icons. Apps with well-designed icons can create a history and generate a high ROI. In enterprise apps, you may ignore icons because there you need to put your company’s logo, but when it comes to the user-friendly app or gaming app, it is essential to focus on your app’s icon.7. Ask for reviewsYou can show the beta version of your app in advance to your friends, employees, and stakeholders. They can give honest reviews and feedback. It is a great source to improve your app’s functionality before its actual launch. You can also ask for reviews or feedback from your first few users. If your app has a ‘Reviews’ section, it can show your transparency and willingness to implement changes to make your app more user-friendly.8. Write excellent descriptionBe it for the app stores or app marketing campaign, the description of your app should be crisp and concise enough to tell your story. Your app description should explain to the prospective users what your app is all about. An excellent description can appeal to people more effectively than simple screenshots of your application.9. Measure its successThe success of your mobile app depends on various factors. When you hire mobile app developers for your app, you should inform them to include analytics in the app. It can give you daily stats of your app like a number of download, daily traffic, and average usage of your app. In a way, you can measure your app’s success. If for any reason, these numbers go down, you can find the best solution and implement changes immediately.Analytics is also useful to get quick alerts for various hurdles or issues. If you can identify the issues, you can deal with them more effectively.10. Emphasize on user-friendlinessLast but not least- you need to emphasize on user-friendliness of your app. Even a ten-year-old can also use your app with ease. You can keep the navigation easy, make the registration process short and simple, and provide assistance at every step to keep your app user-friendly. You have to make sure that your app has fast processing speed, zero bugs and compatibility with mobile hardware and software. Give them push notifications, but not in excess. It is better to skip any unnecessary or irrelevant features. For example, there is no need to give a currency conversion feature in the gaming app! You cannot impress your app users by giving them additional features. Instead, you need to focus on seamless app performance.A mobile app is representative of your company. Its success can contribute to the growth of your business, and you can expand your footprints globally by securing a place in people’s smart devices. These tips will certainly assist you to ensure the success of your mobile app and get a high ROI from it.At InheritX Solutions, we have an in-house team of dedicated Flutter app developers. With cutting-edge tools and vast experience of developing enterprise-grade apps, they can deliver you the best-in-class app solutions in a given timeline. Send us your requirements at and our expert business consultants will get back to you soon.

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