Is Flutter the Future of Mobile App Development?

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Flutter has swiftly gained popularity among the developer community. Here are the top reasons why it is considered a future of mobile app development.

Whether you are an Android developer or an iOS app developer, you certainly have heard of Flutter. Though it is a relatively new framework for making cross-platform native apps, it has swiftly gained ground in the developer’s community thanks to its simplicity, flexibility, and most importantly, Google’s support. Developers can build interactive native interfaces on both iOS and Android in a short time with the help of this platform.

Flutter is a preferred choice for building cross-platform apps with a native-like experience. It has shown its potential to bring a revolutionary change in the way developers build hybrid apps. Here are some of the noteworthy features of Google Flutter.

Flutter Features that Attract App Developers

Flutter is a Dart language-based framework. This object-oriented programming language is easy-to-learn for developers. When it comes to making cross-platform mobile apps with appealing interfaces and excellent user experience, Flutter can be the right choice for developers. Here are its top features that app developers like the most.

  • Rich Library: This framework is highly flexible and expressive thanks to its rich library of scalable widgets. Flutter also offers extensive support to develop customized UI by using engaging themes.
  • GPU Rendering UI: Google Flutter has an efficient and portable GPU rendering UI that allows developers to work on multiple interfaces.
  • Localization: It is possible to localize apps on Flutter. App owners can easily address the target audience with this platform.
  • IDE Support: Flutter offers support for almost all Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and Android Studio.
  • Flutter Doctor: It is a command used for identifying the bug or any technical issues in the app. Developers can find out problems through this feature and correct it.
  • Hot Reload: This is an excellent feature that shows all the changes made in the app code instantly to developers on their screens. It makes the development process simple and swift. Also, they can easily change the code if it does not appear to fit inside the app.

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  • Widgets: Multiple widgets in Flutter look native to both iOS and Android. Also, they are customizable for developers.

Google Flutter offers many benefits to developers and modern businesses. Here we make a list of some of its noteworthy benefits.

Five Factors to Make Us Believe that Flutter is the Future of Mobile App Development:

1. Rapid app development: As the platform rightly said- ‘Beautiful Native Apps in Record Time’, Flutter enables developers to modify widgets and implement changes in the code swiftly thanks to features like Hot reload. Also, its rendering engine is highly productive and it supports firebase extensively to facilitate the developers to launch their apps quickly.

2. Excellent UI: Any mobile app becomes popular through an appealing user interface. Flutter has Material Design for Android and Cupertino for iOS app development. Developers can readily build highly engaging apps by using these two features. What’s more, a set of eye-catching and motion-rich widgets with customization can open the doors to new possibilities for cross-platform apps. Engaging, interactive, and user-friendly apps can be developed by using this platform.

3. Native experience: Flutter has native codes, third-party integrations, and APIs to make a cross-platform app with a native-like experience. Developers have access to the native features and SDKs of both iOS and Android platforms. They can also reuse programming languages like Swift and Kotlin for iOS and Android respectively.

4. Reactive framework: Google Flutter enables developers to modify the interface simply by changing the variables. Also, all changes are visible instantly in the app. As a highly reactive and agile framework, Flutter assists developers to come up with seamlessly-performing hybrid apps across various platforms.

Google Flutter has full compliance with prevalent design standards. The platform ensures that every component of the app matches the design standards given by particular operating systems.

For example, Android OS and iOS have different standards to comply with, and Flutter enables the app to follow the design standards of both these platforms. As a result, you can get an up-to-date app with a design compatible with all devices.

Also, the widget customization option enables developers to create personalized widgets as per the client’s business needs. These widgets are also in line with design standards given by both Android and iOS.

Flutter has a growing community of enthusiastic developers and Google actively supports this platform. Apps made on this platform are visually appealing and flawlessly performing with rich features.

This framework has a slightly upper hand over other contemporary cross-platform app development platforms because of these reasons. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Flutter is the future of mobile app development.

Flutter is relatively new and it has some cons as well. However, it is fair to mention that the pros outweigh the cons by large when it comes to Flutter app development. We can certainly expect that Google’s team will minimize the impact of these cons or remove their impact on the app development over the period. It outshines its peers like Xamarin and React Native. Its open-source nature and business-friendly features are capable of creating vibes in the thriving mobile app world.

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