Firmware and System Software Development Services

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Firmware and System Software Development Services

InheritX provides embedded firmware development solutions to a wide variety of systems across Industry verticals. We are committed to providing you with practical and pragmatic design solutions, helping you accelerate time-to-market. The focus lies in developing firmware on Drivers and BSP for Linux, VxWorks, pSOS, Nucleus, OS Kernel Optimization, Macintosh Platforms, and Embedded Firmware.

Competencies include a vast experience in porting mClinux OS to SH2 Processor. Your requirements of porting are also met with services that include porting of base software modules from pSOS to VxWorks. Our comprehensive range of services includes Kernel development, toolchain development, file system generation, Boot leader development, and network driver implementation. The quick availability of embedded system skills enhances product performance and takes faster time to market.

Our firmware development services

Industries we serve

High-tech businesses require smaller more sophisticated electronic systems that fail-proof. We Engineer Firmware for industries that includes the likes of Healthcare, Aviation, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Gaming, Home Automation and Transportation.

Embedded Systems

Inheritx offers embedded firmware development and systems for a wide range of applications that includes microcontrollers and processors. We program, update and integrate embedded systems software for Real-Time Operating Systems, System-on-Chip (SoC), ARM Cortex-M series, peripherals, Digital Light Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Micro-Electro-Mechanic Systems (MEMS), Apple S1, TI OMAP and many more.

Firmware for Devices

With the knowledge of core industry standards, regulations and latest technology, our firmware developers engineer firmware for wearables, Consumer Devices, biometric technology, mobile phones, automobiles, digital radio, USB drives, appliances, Internet of things (IoT) devices, industrial machinery, surveillance and more.

Inheritx thrives to deliver complex firmware development based on high-level languages like C/C++ or low-level languages like Assembler. Since hi-tech systems require sophisticated fail-safe technology, fulfilling these demands often gets difficult and involves high cost. Learn how Inheritx’s embedded technology services provide low-cost implementation and laser-focused firmware solutions.

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