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The article discusses about the benefits about Freemium and why it is the most preferred choice of the developers to monetize the app.

Freemium come as the first recommended choice of the app developers as per a survey conducted on the mobile app developers in US.

About 102 mobile app developers took part in that survey and 60 % give Freemium the first preference.

Freemium model provides the service to download the app for free before buying it. This gives user an experience before the actual buying and can understand the app before purchasing it.

Most of the developers think that a paid app is a great way to make money but in reality this is not true. It works on the other way better when lot many people download your app for free.

Purchase during the use

In use purchase is the great way to make money. Most of the app developers use this tactic to earn more money through app as they allow it initially to download it for free. The app is either available for free for some days, or in free usage time period a user can have limited access and later on the user can buy the app to unlock the other features.

Offers for limited time only

Users always want to gather the benefits, currency or unlock the new levels in gamming apps. The app developer gives some of the benefits for free but withdraws it after sometime and makes it available under the paid version only.

Money through subscription

App developer can earn money through paid subscription also. In this the developer allows the user to access some of the features by weekly, monthly or on timey basis. For example, a music app allows hearing music on the app for some interval of time for which the user has paid for and then the user can repay it to get the services continued.

Lower cost or discount for the longer period subscription

In this the users are encouraged to do the subscriptions for the longer period of time. The developer offers more discount on the longer subscription than the shorter one.

Freemium is the first choice due to its strategies which gives more money at the later stages to the developers. Mobile app developers rely on Freemium for monetization and it has proved their trust right.

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