What Makes 52% of The Organizations Follow Agile Development Methodology?

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Agile Methodology is a breakthrough in the App development methodology. It can be touted as a synonym for successful and innovative mobile app ideas. Well, that’s what we can make out with its popularity and advantages. Various mobile developers are ditching the traditional app development approaches for Agile development technology.

Talking about the approach, the entire mobile development technology is divided into different development cycles. The entire mobile development task is split into different subtasks and each subtask is treated as a separate module thereby splitting the project into a several mini-projects for the development team. Thus, agile approach is a flexible strategy wherein the cross-functioning teams come together to create excellent and scalable mobile applications.

In an incredibly changing technology, unstable market, and increased customer demands, what makes 52% of the organizations taking the Agile way?

Let’s explore some of the key advantages of Agile development technology.

Easy upgradation of features

If an application is designed by non-agile method then to refine a particular feature, you have to start from scratch. But this is not the case when it comes to Agile. You can update any feature easily, even after the app is launched

App enhancement becomes easy

There is no denial of the fact that mobile operating systems are changing at a faster pace as compared to non-mobile operating systems. Agile methodology enables the app to be responsive to technology changes. The app enhancements can be carried out easily whenever required.

Agile technology builds high-end & reliable apps

The multiple cycles of testing and quality assurance in the agile technology allow users to build high end and reliable apps. After all, who would like to use intolerant mobile applications full of bugs and crashes that aren’t reliable?!

Customer feedback is collected rapidly

Continuous customer feedback is utilized and received in Agile Mobile App development, thereby constantly catering to the user's demands.

Agile technology enables seamless management

Since the project is segregated into smaller sprints it is easier to deliver small parts of the project time to time thereby getting an estimation of the development team’s dedication and accountability.

Also, it is much easier to determine the deadline for the app completion.

Captivating user experience

Agile technology makes user development smooth, quick and effortless by letting mobile developers experiment with different options in sprints.

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