How Much Does It Cost to Build a Flutter Application in 2023?

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It is 2023, another milestone year for evolving mobile technology with the prevalence of 5G. What’s more, cross-platform apps have already started taking over their native counterparts thanks to cost-effectiveness and advanced app development platforms.

Flutter is one such platform that is admired by developers and entrepreneurs alike. Let’s talk about theFlutter app development cost in this blog and learn more about this popular framework.

Released back in 2017, Flutter has swiftly become a preferred choice of developers. As per theStatista report, Flutter is among the top ten most popular app development frameworks. This open-source platform, supported by Google, has many benefits to offer to modern companies across different industry sectors.

As per theStack Overflow survey, Flutter is among the list of most loved frameworks, libraries, and tools with over 75% of developers using it.

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As the platform offers numerous advantages over similar cross-platform technologies, entrepreneurs opt for Flutter app development globally.

Let’s understand how Flutter app development services remain cost-effective in developing your upcoming business app.

Key Factors that Determine the Cost of Flutter App Development

The cost of Flutter app development varies based on the project’s scope of work and complexity level. For example, a simple Flutter app development costs less than a highly complex app.

We can make a list of cost-determining factors for developing a customized Flutter app. It will help you get an idea of the approximate cost for your upcoming project.

App Category

We can classify Flutter applications into different categories based on their target audience, security criteria, functionalities, and genres. Also, some apps have multi-factor authentication, and some apps do not require a simple login. For example, a currency converter app has limited features and minimal to nil security protocols as compared to a ride-booking app or an IoT app.

In this example, we can assume that the development cost of a currency converter app is less than an IoT application. The most common categories of Flutter apps are dynamic, list-view, and gaming applications.

License Fees

Google-supported Flutter is absolutely free for commercial use also. It also offers a rich Flutter development toolkit. However, the Flutter app development company has to pay for various tools and connectors to enhance the functionality of a customized application.

Tools like IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and Firebase have particular costs. Also, the integration of sophisticated third-party APIs requires additional costs and licensing fees.

App Design

The app design is responsible for a rich user experience. Both design and interface are related to the appearance of the app. Also, they contribute to making navigation smooth and user-friendly.

When you hire a team of professionals to develop a tailored Flutter application, you need a UI/UX designer to handle all the appearance-related factors. Apart from this, sometimes, your app needs HD visuals and animations. All these factors can drive up the cost of Flutter app development.

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Hourly Rates

A Flutter app development team consists of a developer, project manager, business analyst, UI/UX designer, and QA executive. Talking about the hourly rate of Flutter app developers, we witness a vast difference across the world.

For example, Flutter developers charge between $100 and $250 per hour in the US and Canada, whereas Latin American developers take just $60 per hour. In Australia, the hourly rate of senior developers remains between $80 to $150 per hour, whereas Indian developers cost between $30 to $60.

Support Costs

MostFlutter app development companies offer technical assistance and maintenance services after developing the app. These are additional services and require an extra amount other than the app development cost.

Your company should make provisions in an annual budget for maintenance costs. Regular maintenance of your Flutter app is essential to keep it up-to-date and seamlessly performing for a long time.

Another important factor that decides the cost of Flutter app development is your app’s complexity. Interrelated and complex features can increase the app development time and as a result, the cost increases significantly. Let’s understand this aspect in detail in the next point.

What is the Estimated Development Cost for Flutter Applications?

Let’s have an accurate estimate of the Flutter app development cost based on the app’s complexity and category.

Based on the number of features and other related aspects, we can segregate tailored Flutter apps into three levels- simple, medium, and complex apps.

The development process lasts two to three months for a simple app and takes more than six months for a complex app. The app development cost is directly proportional to the development duration.

Here is a table for having a rough estimate of the Flutter app development cost across different levels of complexity.


Based on features and functionality, we have different app categories including travel apps, gaming apps, entertainment apps, productivity apps, social media apps, AR apps, etc. Based on their duration, they have different ranges of app development costs.

Here is a table that shows the Flutter app development costs for different categories for your quick reference.


Finally, the Flutter app development company asks for other app-related costs during the development phase. These costs include hosting charges, backend development costs, security feature integration costs, and third-party charges.

When you get the quote for your Flutter app, most of these charges are included or you can inform the development company to add them.

Your Handy Tips to Reduce Flutter App Development Cost

Reducing the cost ofFlutter app development is difficult because you cannot afford to compromise on the features and functionality of your business app by hiring developers who offer the lowest hourly rates.

Instead, you need to focus on finding the Flutter app development company that focuses on maximizing the value for every dollar spent by its clients. Here are some of the tips that can assist you in saving big on Flutter app development services.

Clarify Requirements

You need to clarify the project requirements along with the long-term objectives to the Flutter app development company. It can help you get a more accurate quote with all the necessary features in your customized app.

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Remove Redundancy

Though you should not build an app with the bare minimum features, it is better to remove any unwanted or unnecessary additional features from your app during the development phase or even before to save time and costs.

Implement Agility

An agile approach is based on a CI/CD model to streamline the app development workflow. Flutter’s Hot Reload feature is useful in testing and making changes instantly in your app without disturbing the entire structure.

The agile approach facilitates developers to utilize this feature during the coding stage.

Outsource Project

Outsourcing your project to a reliable and robust Flutter app development company can save a lot of time, effort, and money. You can consider outsourcing your project requirements to get the benefits of timezone and currency differences.

Concluding Remarks

Flutter has brought radical changes in cross-platform app development. This platform can reduce app development time and cost significantly.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that developing apps that can run on different platforms using Flutter is half the price of native app development.

Hope our detailed guide will help you get an estimate of a Flutter app development cost. You can apply the tips we mentioned to reduce this cost as well.

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