Lesser known Internet of things (IoT) devices to look for in this connected world.

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The Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is transforming the way we live not just at work and office, but also wherever we go. It is slowly getting incorporated into every technology we use. Whether it is your home, office, shopping mall, or city streets, IoT provides unprecedented opportunities to live smart and stay connected. Let us take a look at some of the most useful IoT devices to look out for in the coming times.

Smart Door lock

Ditch conventional keys and embrace sophisticated access locks. The smart door lock remotely locks and opens your home and office doors from your iPhone or Android devices. It also allows users to share access to any number of people using a mobile app. Now you don't need to worry about carrying keys everywhere or run the risk of misplacing it, thanks to smart door locks.

Smappee- Smart home energy manager

Our constant efforts to make our homes smart and energy efficient yields great results with Smappee.You can remotely control devices with Smappee. If you forget to disconnect a device or put off lights, you can easily do it via Smappee. Get a real-time overview of your home’s electricity consumption and save up to 30% on your energy bill. Now you won’t be having to do the tedious task of moving to different rooms for turning off lights and appliances.

GE Link- Lightning starter kit

Sync the entire lighting system of your house with this smart lightning kit. The wink app allows you to control an individual bulb or a group of it from your smartphone. Automate your lighting system according to your wake up and sleep time. The bulbs used in this intelligent lighting are said to save up to 80% less power than traditional ones. Now that’s how you light up your home and offices smartly.

Luna- Smartbed device

An average human spends one-third of his life sleeping. And we all agree upon the fact that sleep is the most important part of human life, then why not do it comfortably? Luna is an intelligent device that turns your bed into smart bed. It efficiently manages your bed temperature, tracks sleep and make it smart. Luna learns your bedtime and adjusts the temperature of your bed easily. What else, it syncs with your smart lighting system, your smart alarm, and wi-fi coffee machine so as to put off lights when you sleep, help you wake up on time and with a freshly brewed morning coffee to start your day.

Skully- Connected Motorcycle Helmet

It often gets difficult to travel when you don’t know the way and it becomes worse when you need to halt and keep checking the map manually. Sucks. Isn’t it? Here’s where IoT comes to rescue. The Skully is a smart motorcycle helmet that is connected to a rearview camera and a GPS Navigation. So you can focus on the road ahead without having to literally halt and look out for directions on a map.

Niwa- Smartphone-controlled growing system

This jaw-dropping technology is a one of a kind intelligent gardening system that helps you grow healthiest, freshest fruits and vegetables at your home. All this at just the touch of your fingertips. You can easily connect and automate the germination and growth of plants. The Niwa creates an optimal environment for your plants to grow and also controls their watering cycles. This disruptive technology is one of the many wonders of IoT App and makes way for effortless growing.

Table Air- Smart Air Purifier

With all the pollution that we breathe in, we are in dire need of fresh and clean air. Filter out dust, bacteria, virus, emissions, pollutants and chemical components with this remote-controlled smart air purifier. It improves the air quality by purifying the air, ultraviolet disinfection and removes odor. Breathe air free of bacteria, virus, chemicals, dust, and smoke through WI-FI. That’s IoT for you!

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