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The next big thing in gadgets blog

2018 is going to be promising when it comes to technology and we can already get an idea. These smart gadgets have been freshly rolled out to make our lives easier and efficient. With smart TVs, smart home automation and smart shopping, the AI industry are spreading its roots to our everyday life. These absolutely stunning gadgets are sure to entice you with its usefulness and never-seen-before features.

Google Home

Google rolled out a supremely versatile and amazingly intelligent smart speaker and it does more than you expect. The device connects itself to Google’s very own voice-controlled Google assistant and acts to your commands. With an integrated home automation support, Google home lets users control their smart home devices. Other functionalities include that of a speaker, weather and news updates and control playback of videos and photos. Google home is smart. Smart enough to stream ‘Hotline Bling’, lower the thermostat for you, all the while telling you how much a panda weighs and giving you weather warnings before you set off on your way to work. Incredible. Isn’t it?


Gone will be the days of waiting for a parcel in anticipation for 3-4 working days. No sooner than you order something, it gets delivered to you in a matter of what? 30 minutes? Hard to believe? Well, that’s Amazon prime Air for you! It uses unmanned aerial vehicles read drones for rapid parcel delivery.The Amazon drone camera is your very own photographer who takes full resolution aerial shots of your surroundings feeding the photography enthusiast in you.

Anti-gravity phone case

For the majority of us who are immensely dependent on our phones, we cannot help but take our phones everywhere we go. The ingenious anti-gravity case is all set to develop a niche in the market with its nano-suction technology allowing your phone to stick anywhere. Take your phone anywhere you wish to and stick it on mirrors, glass panels, whiteboards, tiles, kitchen cabinets, car dashboards, and metals. Anywhere you keep it, it will defy gravity and stay still.

Amazon Echo- smart speakers

The ultra smart speakers from Amazon named Amazon Echo are the talk of the town. This tall, sleek cylindrical beauty is capable of many things than just the run-of-the-mill music speaker set. From voice interaction, making to-do-lists, music playback, setting alarms to providing weather and traffic information, streaming podcast and playing audio books, you name it and Amazon Echo does it all!

What’s more, this device connects itself to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa and responds in a jiffy. It also controls several smart home devices like cloud-controlled lighting and thermostat devices.

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