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Here is our pick about the most trending and highly used top 5 programming languages of 2018. Take a look.

Amidst plethora of so many programming languages, it not a child’s play to figure out the best and leading ones that ideal for your business and hiring needs. Do you know there are about 600 unique programming languages! So if we take out an average, every week we are introduced to a new programming language. But still there are some in-demand and trending programming languages that rules the roost.

Based on several global surveys and facts, we list the top 5 trending programming languages for you. The placement of languages is done in the random order.

1. JavaScript

No we are not talking about coffee! JavaScript has been dominating the charts of top programming language year by year. Its knowledge is useful for several front-end frameworks like React, Ember, Angular, Backbone and many more. One more framework it feeds on is- Node.js environment that makes JavaScript capable to run on backend with higher efficiency.

Based on Stack overflow chart, JavaScript is the ruling candidate with 69.8% users for the 6th consecutive year. GitHub states that, there are about 2.3m users of JavaScript worldwide.

2. Java

Another Java in the line of popularity! It is a versatile general-purpose programming language compatible with cross-platform applications. Whether you use desktop, web or mobile, Java would never disappoint you. This language runs on almost all types of operating systems. Also, it enjoys status of one of the most popular programming languages for Android app development. Developers prefer Java because of its high scalability.

Stack overflow survey stated Java’s global popularity is about 45.3%. According to indeed.com Java developers make moolah of about $100,873 per year. In past years the popularity and practical use of Java has seen a consistent rise.

3. Swift

Though relatively new in the industry of programming languages, Swift was released by Apple in the year 2014 makes it to the top 5. Highly useful language to develop macOS or native IOS applications. With contrast with Objective-C the regular language used by Apple, Swift provides improved usability and performance.

The average annual salary of Swift developers is about $54k as per Stack Overflow. GitHub estimates its popularity to be 107K globally.

4. Python

You cannot overlook Python! One of the most favorite programming language for the initial learners. The point can be proved, as Python is taught in schools and is among the first introductory programming courses to be taught. Still it is considered high-level programming language for a wide array of tasks like- machine learning, web development, and analyzing data.

According to Coding Dojo, the number of Python jobs’ popularity grew by approx. 5,000 job postings in the time-period 2017-2018. According to indeed.com, average annual salary of Python developers in US is $116k.

5. AngularJS

Gives a better angle to your programming! AngularJS makes a quick entry to our list of top 5 programming languages of 2018. It is a free open-source architectural structure laced with influential web development technology. Being a feature-rich and lightweight technology, AngularJS is of great assistance to app and web professionals for analysis of practice of client-side scripting. This scripting of web projects is practiced by JavaScript.

According to indeed.com, in USA the average salary for AngularJS developer ranges from $72,016 per annum for the web developer. It can go up to $113,112 annually for full stack developer.

So here we are at the end of our post on top 5 trending and popular programming languages of 2018. Each language is unique and has big user-base worldwide. Inheritx has been providing mobile and web development services with all the above programming languages. We like to stay ahead.

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