What’s trending in HTML5?

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HTML5 is in complete-sync with the modern-day web development industry. It is not a single entity but consists of a set of standards and APIs supported by all major web and mobile browsers at various degrees. Developers get a defined set of standards that they may encounter. HTML5 facilitates the companies to compete on factors essential to the end user, like- history management, performance and developer tools. Above all, HTML5 is a very broad language. It’s semantic tags offers an ideal place to start due to it easiness and immediate steps to enhance the structure and readability of any website’s web pages.

Which are the top trends of HTML5?

1. Supports Multimedia and Interactive Media

With HTML5 you can build stunning interactive multimedia websites by using web browser-based technologies. CSS animations, HTML5 based video players, apps based on webRTC communication, etc. are ruling the website design scenario. To add more glamor to it, use JavaScript.

2. Portability of Cross-platform code

The cross-platform code portability of HTML5 has simplified the work of web developers because a single code is written with markup language compatible with all major browsers. It does not gets affected by different versions and specifications of the browsers. This was not possible with other versions of HTML.

3. Geolocation Support

It was HTML5 that has introduced Geolocation Support in world wide web. With this feature, you can now easily share your location with the bookmarked websites, as several websites need your location to provide the best results out of your search. Local business also benefits from this HTML5 trend.

4. Extended Storage Capacity

The webmasters can take advantage of the web SQL database and web storage for storing the data. It is present in HTML5 application cache. Thus, more storage capacity for data.

5. Long scrolling websites and Parallax effects

Long scrolling websites is the most favorite trend of HTML5. With this trend users get access to more information in a single web page than with earlier HTML versions. The websites have better compatibility with smartphones, tablets and other small screen devices.

The Impact

HTML5 have empowered companies to design, develop and manage apps with greater perfection and complexity supportive across several platforms and devices. HTML5 has showed overwhelming growth of 20 percent. Almost 63 percent of business apps are being created in HTML5. The adoption of HTML5 have increased as the companies have started modernizing their legacy of using age-old Internet Explorer browser, allowing the employees to shift to better and advanced web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. These both browsers have extended HTML5 support.

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