8 Must have skills in an Android App Developer

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8 Must have skills in an Android App Developer

Android is world’s second most dominant platform for mobile apps with over 1.4 billion active devices worldwide that works on Android. It has also taken over our daily lives with over 3.3 million apps currently available in the Google Play Store. The Android market is on a rise and the demand for Android App developer is increasing rapidly.

Android is a very versatile platform and it goes without saying that a Mobile Android app developer must possess a superior level of craftsmanship. Also because of the fact that there are about 24,000 unique Android devices, the developers need to be proficient in flexible coding and programs that run on all the devices. Although the skills are ever-evolving due to latest advancements in technology, Inheritx has compiled a list of 8 skills that an Android app developer must possess in order to code for Android.

Java is must.

Java is the core programming language required to develop android apps. It is a standard way of writing Android apps. If you know Javascript and Ruby, Java can be quiet simple but all of them are object-oriented in the end and Java gives precise and elegant code.

XML all the way

Mastering XML is very important for Android Developers. It is for the fact that there are a number of different Android devices, and one requires a platform-independent storage. XML is platform independent which means your data can be imported, exported or simply moved very easily. In other words, information can be passed between two devices consistently.

Android Studio

Only Java and XML won’t do, the android app developer needs to be technically sound.Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) designed specifically for Android development. It ensures a code maintains high performance across mobile devices

Android SDK

Android SDK is actually a software development kit made for including various functionalities in your app like camera. Let’s say for example you want to integrate twitter in your app, Android SDK is the key.


A developer should also be well-versed with handling third-party and APIs. This can be useful if you want the users of your app to get location access and refer a map within your application. You can then include Google Maps in your apps by using Google APIs.

Understand designs

The world runs on design and so does your app. You must have a basic idea about user-centric designs. A bad design can make your app useless, no matter how well you have made it. Have a basic knowledge about the design requirements of an app and know if it is feasible to make an app with it.

Google has released a material design that includes new standards and forward-thinking interface guidelines that has tips on how to use specific styles and layer different elements on the screen. You can use this as a foundation of your own interface. So understanding design is imperative.

Constant Learner

The technology is changing rapidly and more and more new advancements are being made in the mobile apps ecosystem. It is very important for the Android app developers to stay updated with growing trends.

Take criticism constructively

A good developer must take criticism on its chin. If you have developed an app, you must be able to take reviews, positive or not and suggestions that can actually help you to improve your app. It will give you a clear idea of what your users would like from your app and current market trends.

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