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Want to improve your experience and productivity as a developer of Android applications, try out the Kotlin language. Kotlin, unlike any other language, has progressed from many alpha and beta levels to reach its final version i.e. Kotlin 1.0 before its official launch in the developing field.

Kotlin is a brainchild of a programming team lead by JetBrains located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. All they wanted was a language which could be used as an alternative option for java which was the official language for android application development from a very long era. As Java was already a massive giant in android application development, the main goal for the new language to come was to be compatible with java and assure those features in which java was lagging, so JetBrains programmers launched Kotlin which was not only completely interoperable with java but also fixed many loopholes in java language.

Benefits of Kotlin language

1. Concise: The main advantage of using Kotlin language over other option is that the problems can be solved using very less amount of code which is reliable with fewer exceptions and bugs. Peculiarities like data classes, smarts casts, type inference made this language terse and one of a kind.

2. Complete java interoperability: As Java was the official language for app development, to develop Android applications with any other language beside java was a herculean task to conquer and this is the main advantage of Kotlin language which gave it a cutting edge over other languages as it is 100 5 interoperable with java and developers can easily continue their ongoing java based android projects with Kotlin.

3. Easy to use: Kotlin has a very user-friendly IDE which allows developers working with and in other OOPs domain to understand the language in a jiffy and migrate to this open source language effortlessly. In the world of application development, animation and Interactive UI of the application both play the lead role to make an application a blockbuster hit in the market and Kotlin makes it very simple and handy to develop and integrate your application with both these stars.

4. Safer code: The code written in Kotlin is less buggy and is more precise. From the start of app development, it diverts the attention of the developer towards the potential errors and risks and thus spurs all the developers to remove them at an early stage and develop a code with fewer crashes and bugs.

5. Upgradations over Java: Kotlin provided solutions to some issues faced by java which are:

  • Control of null reference with type system which is a billion-dollar mistake in java
  • Made arrays invariant
  • No raw types
  • No checked exceptions

Kotlin being now the official language for android application development has many cutting-edge peculiarities which give it an edge over other languages. It spoils you with better support to functional programming and unique user-friendly UI. Being fully compatible with Java developers can easily migrate their massive projects to this language and can add a pop of its modern features to their applications to experience streamlined and handy mobile app development.

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