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Unveiled in 2007, Android has been religiously used by 70% people worldwide. It is a world-class platform for creating apps and games and is empowering businesses across the globe. In such a scenario, the need for a good Android app development company has increased tremendously. In fact, web application services have become a boon for Entrepreneurs.

Businesses are in constant need to hire iconic developers to build them user-friendly and scalable web applications. And you wouldn’t wonder why. Android is a big deal when it comes to reachability. It owns 84% of the market share of mobile operating systems which is huge. Also, the integration of Android apps with social networks is easier compared to any other operating systems considering the fact that it is a part of G-mail.

The market is flooded with numerous companies that develop android apps, with everyone claiming to be the best. We don’t differ either, but at Inheritx, our work does the talking. Equipped with a workforce of 100+ creative app developers, Inheritx provides world-class android application development services. Having 6+ years of experience, it has established itself as the top website and web application development company in India.

We deliver high quality, robust and full-featured Android apps that help clients to reach out their customers in an engaging way and increase profitability. Inheritx has over 250+ android apps under its kitty, currently, live at Google play store. Apart from developing brand new applications, we also specialize in optimizing sluggish applications making them efficient, intuitive and business-like.

Instead of focusing on creating a jaw-dropping artistic masterpiece, we develop android applications that provide immense usability and gives users an unparalleled experience Services.

Take a look at some of the advantages of hiring an Android app development company for your business.

  • Ideal For New Businesses To Interact With Customers.
  • Freedom to choose distribution channels.
  • Android is Open Source and have full suite of business-level tools.
  • Highest penetration in terms of numbers.
  • It offers versatility with easy customization options.
  • At Inheritx, we provide a 360-degree approach to our clients when it comes to development.

Our android application development service is carried out in 4 simple steps.

1. Gathering requirements: First of all, our business analyst discusses the business app idea with you to evaluate the concept. Based on your company’s goal, vision and target audience, we develop an idea.

2. Android app design: Our designers create a perfect style of design for your Android app.

3. Android app development: We use a variety of android application development methodologies where we create android app assets (android app background, icons, and animations) with a creative touch from our side.

4. Final delivery: Our Q&A team tests your applications and finally; we submit the same at Google play store.

With all these advantages, the search for an amazing app development company ends here at Inheritx. Talk to our experts for further

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