Now using Android OREO as delightful as eating it!!

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To all the Android users and of course fans of OREO, the latest news is that Android developers have named the next update Android 8.0 as OREO. And with all the speculations around this much-awaited version of Android, it has to be kept in mind that it isn’t going to be any less tasty than OREO itself.

The eighth major version of the Android mobile operating system with latest bug fixes and optimization was released last week and named after the world-famous cookie OREO. Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first devices to be eligible to get this 11th Version update of the most loved OS-Android.

While the name and the logo per se tempt you to use this interesting update, much work has been put into the design and development of Android OREO. This latest version of Android is full of unique and breakthrough features and the developers can vouch for that.

Battery optimization

With every other update you post on Facebook, food you snap to your friends and video you stream on YouTube, your phone loses battery. Battery conservation is one of the major concerns these days and Android OREO has been successful in developing a dynamic background that saves you large on battery. If you are using multiple applications at a time, the one you are using will continue to consume battery but other background applications from the bunch will not! Say for example if you are working on Google docs and Socializing on Instagram simultaneously, OREO will play smart and idle Instagram on its own so it won’t refresh feeds and consume battery either.

Expressing just got easier

Socializing is the top thing you do on your phone and usually work finds its spot on the second number, then why not make it fun? Android OREO has fully redesigned its emoji set. Put much feelings and thoughts into your conversations with life-like Emojis meticulously designed to change the way you share.Security concerns? Check.The newly designed Google Play Protect saves your phone from Malicious applications. How? Well, it works to keep your device and data safe by scanning over 50 billion apps per day. This also includes the one you haven’t installed yet.

Work and fun with Picture-in-Picture

The picture-in-picture feature is all set to make work fun. It allows users to watch videos on a small virtual screen while performing other tasks. For instance, you can send a work mail in the G-mail App while watching your favorite band perform on YouTube. The applications will be able to put themselves in the picture-in-picture mode. Isn’t it ama-a-a-a-zing?!

Snooze Alarm and Notifications both!

While snoozing alarms is something that everyone does, Google allows you to do something different. Snooze individual notifications for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an entire hour. Also, notification dots on individual dots will ensure you never miss out on any new notifications.

Bundle of interesting features

Other interesting features include colorful notifications that adapt to the dominant color of the Album Art and changes with every song you play making boring music controls look good. The Wi-Fi calling allows the users to make a call using a Wi-Fi connection. The settings have been redesigned and show you the most used apps. Also, the user can enjoy a faster boot time so they don’t have to wait longer for their device to start.

With all these useful features and many more to come, Android OREO sure looks promising and is estimated to be released soon. Meanwhile, Pixel users can enjoy the many benefits of the beta version of this wonderfully updated OS.

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